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Mobile Advertising News & Analysis

4 Ways Marketers Can Move Mobile Advertising Forward


On the heels of recent research centered around how companies are falling short with mobile marketing, comes a new report — this time with similarly disappointing findings around mobile advertising, in particular.

The AdExchanger Research report, titled Mobile’s Unmet Potential (available for purchase), finds that although marketers, technology providers and agencies surprisingly share the same vision for the future of mobile advertising, no such agreement exists regarding how to achieve that vision.

What's Next for Big Data? Predictions for 2015

Some people believe it takes two full years for students to fully understand and master new concepts. The first year in the cycle, when a new concept is introduced, is considered a learning year. The following year is considered a growth and review year.

The thinking holds that while students technically learn about new concepts during the first year, it’s not until the second year that they can truly begin applying them in an active manner, one that displays measurable growth and development.

In many ways, the landscape of big data at the close of 2014 can be described in similar terms.

Generally speaking, 2014 was a learning year. IT decision makers across all verticals realized they could no longer ignore the changing landscape brought on by growth in the volume, velocity and variety of data. Investments were made and infrastructure was overhauled. After many years of pomp and circumstance, 2014 was the year big data finally become the infrastructure of reality.

Facebook Flexes Its Mobile Muscle, Lifts Profit 90%

Thumbnail image for 2014-24-July-Mark Zuckerberg Facebook.jpg

If there were any doubts about Facebook's momentum after Twitter's disappointing financial outlook, they vanished yesterday when the social network exceeded earnings expectations with a third-quarter profit that jumped 90 percent from a year ago.

Marketers found a lot to like in Facebook's quarterly report. For example, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call that the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company is now serving 1 billion videos per day and that its Instagram users are spending a generous 21 minutes per day on the service.

But the biggest news was about mobile ads. Daily active users on mobile jumped 39 percent from a year ago to 703 million. And revenue from mobile ads accounted for two-thirds of the company's advertising sales during the third quarter, up from 49 percent just a year ago.

Google Adds Single View of Customer Reviews to Places

Google is upgrading its Google Place for Business service so users can collect everything their customers are saying about them online in a single, viewable place.

3 Tools to Monetize Mobile Content

What is the secret of success in mobile advertising? The traditional answer is banner ads. But up to 50 percent of clicks on mobile banner ads are accidental -- and the average click-through rate of display ads is just a fraction of a percent (0.1 percent)? Considering that more people are spending more time on their mobile devices, what can advertisers do to improve the outcomes of their mobile advertising campaigns?

Forrester Report on Mobile In-App Ads: Targeted Messages, No Disruptions

customer experience, Forrester Report on Mobile In-App Ads: Targeted Messages, No DisruptionsFor Smartphone and tablet users, the love affair with their apps is something that can’t be disrupted. 

If you’re a mobile marketer, that kinda stinks.

Twitter, Eager for Mobile Heft, Buys Mobile Ad Exchange MoPub

Twitter, on the road to an IPO, has been buying or implementing ways to make money as fast as it can. Now, the micro blogging juggernaut has acquired mobile advertising exchange MoPub.

Improve Mobile Ad Impact with Responsive Design

Responsive Design, mobile apps, mobile advertising The ResponsiveAds Responsive Design Format

Marketing isn't just about creating a worthwhile customer experience through engagement and conversation, it’s also about how well an ad is received by its targeted audience. This reception is often hindered when the ad isn't correctly displayed on a device's screen; a problem that can be easily fixed through responsive design.

IAB Report: Mobile Advertising Revenue Making an Impact

IAB IHS Report: Global Mobile Ad RevenueMobile isn’t just becoming the preferred computing device for many people, the field is becoming a good source of revenue for advertisers, according to a new report from IAB and IHS.

Small Businesses Missing Out on Big Mobile Opportunity


Small businesses are facing a mobile challenge. While consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to shop, share and socialize, small businesses seem reluctant to mobilize, making it harder for them to leverage their mobile audience.

Report: Mobile Users Want Value from Ads

Mobile Value Spectrum, mobile, mobile advertising, digital marketing From the report, Exploring the Role of Value in Mobile Advertising (source: Millward Brown)

What do mobile users expect from ads? A new study says that many mobile users want something of value in exchange for their attention.

The Future of Mobile Advertising is Built on Current Trends


Do you know where the mobile advertising industry is headed? If you’re still trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing, you may want to hitch your wagon to Amobee. Its comprehensive mobile advertising solutions not only serve the largest mobile operators, publishers, and advertisers in the world, but it also provides a vast array of innovative technologies designed to deliver powerful analytics that can tell you what’s valuable to your customers. 

Opera Report: iOS Still King for Mobile Traffic, Monetization

Sure, Android is king of the worldwide hill as the most used mobile platform. But iOS is laughing all the way to the bank. A new report from Opera Mediaworks indicates that the iPhone has retaken the lead for traffic volume, while iOS continues to be on top overall for traffic and for making money. 

Google's TrueView Video Ads' Success Shows Promise of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns #adtechsf

When Google talks about digital marketing most people likely think of its AdWords technology and search ads. As such, the main topic of Susan Wojcicki, Google's SVP of adertising, at the AdTech conference was YouTube's TrueView technology and how it tracks for the success of the AdWords Enhanced Campaigns roll out.

Nuance Introduces the Age of Conversational Mobile Ads

Want to have a voice conversation with a mobile ad? Nuance Communications thinks you do, and this week released its new Voice Ads. 

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