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How to Optimize Mobile for Holiday Purchases [Infographic]

shutterstock_160053263.pngOnly nineteen more days until Cyber Monday — the day when customers, hungover from Thanksgiving meals and recovering from Black Friday brawls, go online to finish (or for some, start) their holiday shopping. Each year the competition to offer the best prices gets tougher. Those who are able to optimize their mobile channels will be the most successful.

The Sound of Illiri Connects the Mobile Experience

The Sound of Illiri Connects the Mobile Experience

While mobile devices can facilitate engagement on the go, connecting mobile devices together is usually left to connecting via a hotspot or bumping phones together. But being that we’re mobile, what if we could establish instant, secure connections between devices even when we're not near each other? Enter Illiri.

[Infographic] Customer Experience Management in 2012

In 2012, the focus on customer experience was all about delivering a great experience across platforms, channels and touch points. Leveraging key user data is integral, but so is delivering key messages and opportunities back to the user.

Sneak Peak Into New UserVoice Integration with Crittercism for Mobile App Support

Customer service software developer UserVoice revealed today a new integration with Crittercism, a platform that helps developers monitor mobile app performance. 

Mobile - The New Normal #gilbane2012

Mobile technology is evolving from a niche consumer engagement channel to the primary means customers utilize the Internet, according to Ian Truscott, VP of Marketing at SDL. Truscott explained how mobile is changing and businesses need to change their strategies with it during “Why Do You Need to do Mobile Now and How Do You Justify It?”, a session at today’s Gilbane Conference in Boston

React, Adapt and Monetize Complex Customer Relationships


What is the ROI of social customer relationship management? Increased customer engagement? Message amplification? Traffic referrals? While there is no one indicator for success, many would argue that converting prospectives into customers is key. In order to monetize the customer experience, businesses must cultivate and leverage customer relationships. 

Adobe 2012 Mobile Survey Highlights the Rise of Mobile and the Demise of the User Experience

Results from Adobe’s recent 2012 Mobile Consumer Survey show that consumers are using their smartphones and tablet devices to connect with brands in a variety of ways. However, many companies aren’t yet providing optimized experiences that leverage these different devices. And while it seems fairly obvious that businesses should not approach their mobile strategy in an identical manner as the desktop, many still are.

IBM's State of Marketing 2012: Why Marketing and IT Must Align

ibm-logo.JPG We saw earlier on in the IBM State of Marketing report 2012 from IBM that one of the big challenges facing marketing departments is integrating channels, with mobile and social being particularly problematic. However, there is another problem and challenge that will occupy both IT and marketing department; it seems, from the research, that in a large number of enterprises marketing and IT are not aligned.

Delivering a Successful Customer Strategy for Digital Media

A successful customer strategy will lead to increased sales by offering customers what they want in the way they want it. It is important to invest in getting your customer strategy right from the start rather than jumping into new or existing channels without considering how they fit into the overall customer strategy.

New Publishing Platform Offers Flexible Ad Engine, Real-time Content Updates

When it comes to publishing great user experiences on the iPad, the first name that comes to mind is Adobe (as in Adobe DPS). But there's a new offer in town that takes a different approach to mobile publishing and integrated advertising.

Verivo, Site24x7 Enhancements Address the Mobile Customer Experience

Mobile users, have your heard the bad news? According to the HTTP Archive, which gathers stats on the top million sites in the world (as ranked by Alexa), the average web page has surpassed the 1 MB mark. Mobile users in particular are going to be hard hit, whether in roaming charges or sanity, and many minutes (and dollars) will be lost browsing, downloading and otherwise trying to navigate websites from mobile devices.

RIP to Your Corporate Websites

Buying behavior in the market undergoes fundamental change with tremendous velocity. Corporate CXOs need to wake up to this reality and do something concretely and quickly before their customers, and prospective customers, move right out from under their nose.

Poll Results: Management Still Doesn't Get Mobile Customer Experience

As we close out our focus on Mobile Customer Experience this month, let's have a look at the results of our May audience poll. This month we asked CMSWire readers to identify their most significant mobile strategy challenge. The results were interesting, if not telling.

Mobile CXM: Living in an App Nation on Our Mobile Planet [Infographic]

We are definitely living in a mobile world. Two reports this week highlight the way we’re using our mobile devices, the mobile web and the apps we’re downloading.

Mobile CXM: How to Leverage Mobile Solutions to Meet Customer Experience Expectations

Customer experiences are not limited to a website or social media or email. Every customer touch point matters and provides an opportunity to meet and exceed customer expectations. You could say that for most online touch points -- customers are using smartphones or tablet devices more, making it all the more important that whatever format you use to connect with your community is mobile-friendly.

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