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A CXM Retrospective: How the Customer Experience Has Evolved

Tis' the season for retrospectives. This year, I'm taking it to a whole new level. 

How to Optimize Mobile for Holiday Purchases [Infographic]

shutterstock_160053263.pngOnly nineteen more days until Cyber Monday — the day when customers, hungover from Thanksgiving meals and recovering from Black Friday brawls, go online to finish (or for some, start) their holiday shopping. Each year the competition to offer the best prices gets tougher. Those who are able to optimize their mobile channels will be the most successful.

Mobile Impacts Customer Loyalty More than Transactions

What is the impact of mobile on your bottom line? According to a new survey from EPiServer, the biggest return on mobile today is from increased customer loyalty and personalization, rather than mobile transactions.

The Future of Mobile Advertising is Built on Current Trends


Do you know where the mobile advertising industry is headed? If you’re still trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing, you may want to hitch your wagon to Amobee. Its comprehensive mobile advertising solutions not only serve the largest mobile operators, publishers, and advertisers in the world, but it also provides a vast array of innovative technologies designed to deliver powerful analytics that can tell you what’s valuable to your customers. 

Does Your Website Have the Mobile Touch?

The mobile web is growing up. ClickTale, who just last year introduced ClickTale Mobile has evolved the mobile usability and analytics program into ClickTale Touch, which allows businesses to view their mobile customers’ “True-to-Life User Experience."

Siteworx Survey Says Fast, Simplified Sites Key to Mobile Marketing Success

Marketers can no longer rely on flashy apps to attract the interest of mobile consumers, according to a new survey from Siteworx. Results of the “2013 State of Mobile Features and Functionality Report” indicate that mobile shoppers prefer websites to apps and desire ease of use and speed, among other findings.

Mobile First, Desktop Later

If you've been reading anything about web experience management lately, you’ll have come across the phrase “mobile first” -- the process of designing, creating and delivering content with mobile device compatibility in mind.

BaseKit Introduces a Mobile Website Builder

Website building, software as a service, company Basekit, has added a mobile site builder to its website design platform, which will give both large and SMB’s the tools to create a fully functional mobile website.

5 Usability Tips that You Should Implement on Your Mobile Website

If you think about it, the best way to gauge the user-friendliness of a mobile website is to visit a couple of sites on your smartphone and take notes. Is the site highly readable within the four small walls of your phone? Are you torturing your fingers with too many clicks, pinches and taps to get to that important piece of information?

Netbiscuits Reports Smartphones, Android Dominate Mobile Web Traffic

According to a new report from web development platform provider Netbiscuits, smartphones are clearly the most popular means of mobile web access across the globe.

Mobile - The New Normal #gilbane2012

Mobile technology is evolving from a niche consumer engagement channel to the primary means customers utilize the Internet, according to Ian Truscott, VP of Marketing at SDL. Truscott explained how mobile is changing and businesses need to change their strategies with it during “Why Do You Need to do Mobile Now and How Do You Justify It?”, a session at today’s Gilbane Conference in Boston

Bringing HTML5 to Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is promoting the new software developer kit (SDK) available for the IE10 browser as containing an emulator that allows testing of sites on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft says this functionality will help IE10 sites provide the same experience on mobile devices running Windows Phone 8 as they do on PCs and other devices.

New Report Assesses Content Consumption on Mobile Web

Content on 10-inch tablets is mostly shared by email, while content on mini-tablets and the iPhone is more often shared through Facebook. That’s one of the findings of a new report about Content Consumption on the Touch Web.

Is Mobile Advertising the Key to Reaching Generation C?

radium_one_logo.jpgCurious about who’s responding to your mobile ads the most? New research from RadiumOne suggests that it’s those within the 18-34 age range. Dubbed Generation C by Nielsen because of their connectivity to each other and content through multiple devices, this age group is one of the most coveted groups, but have proved hard to capture. Could mobile be the key to getting their attention?

Forrester: Businesses Still Face Challenges in Adopting Mobile Technology

How well are businesses using mobile phone technology? A new report from Forrester says things aren't great yet -- but they're improving.

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