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Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop: Approach Each as Its Own Marketing Channel

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop: Approach Each as Its Own Marketing ChannelThe web can no longer be thought of as a singular marketing channel. The rapid growth of web-connected devices has changed the way we access and interact with the Internet, and simply building a website will no longer suffice as a “web strategy.”

Microsoft Launching Surface 2, Has It Learnt From RT's Failure?


The imminent arrival of Windows 8.1 will make the company's new tablet computing devices more usable. But Microsoft's hardware updates won't radically change the money-losing Surface proposition in a market that fails to see keyboards and me-too apps as a major differentiator. 

Apple Announces 9 Million iPhone 5S or 5C Devices Sold


While the hype among the press may be tailing off, the general consumer market still loves their iPhones, proving that Apple can shift stock, with huge numbers of its new iPhone models selling out around the world. 

Is Microsoft Losing Its Office Advantage in Tablets, or Making Surface into the Best Productivity Tablet?

Is Microsoft Losing Its Office Advantage in Tablets, or Making Surface into the Best Productivity Tablet?Is Microsoft in the process of losing one of the few competitive advantages it has in tablets? That question is being raised following news this week that Google is now offering its Quickoffice productivity apps for mobile devices, including tablets, for free. 

iPhone 5S Trouncing the 5C Model in Early Sales, But Gold Is Gone


Sure, you wouldn't expect those queuing at Apple stores to be there for the second-best smartphone in the range, but the tilt towards the 64-bit superphone is pretty much vertical according to early polls of shoppers. But those looking for the gold model will be disappointed, as they've sold out in seconds. 



iOS 7 Meets Real Users Ahead of the iPhone 5S Launch


Apple seemingly managed to find some more servers for the launch of iOS 7, with slightly less struggle to download and install the new system than previous versions. However, updates are still the order of the day as those enthusiast queues form for the top iPhone model. 

Five Ways to Be a Better Mobile Advertiser - Without Using Mobile Banner Ads

Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Five Ways Your Brand Can Be a Better Mobile Advertiser - Without Using Mobile Banner AdsWhen was the last time you deliberately clicked a mobile banner ad? For most of us, the answer is never. Fraught with annoyances and fat-finger syndrome, mobile ads not only offer little-to-no meaningful engagement with consumers, they are also impossible to truly quantify in terms of user intent or interest. Offers Android App For Office 365, Says BYOD Is Failing says BYOD strategies are failing. This is how it helps resolve that challenge.

iCloud Updates Ahead of the Arrival of iOS 7


Apple's iCloud service loses its beta tag and gets the iOS 7 look ahead of the OS launch. New iPhone 5C and 5S users will find more practical features via the newly-free apps Pages, Keynote and Numbers, showing signs that Apple's cloud play is starting to mature.

iPhone and iPad Users' Upgrade Tips for the Arrival of iOS 7


It isn't just iPhone 5C and 5S users that will be playing among the bubbles of the new iOS 7 user interface. Many existing iOS devices can use it too, but what are the essentials for a good update experience?

Is a Smartwatch Really a Smart Idea?

Is a Smartwatch Really a Smart Idea?Those rumbling sounds you heard on September 10 were complaints by Apple-watchers that the tech giant failed to announce an iWatch at its big press event. While Apple, Samsung and others need new product lines, and we at CMSWire need more cool things to write about, let’s take a moment to ask a simple question: Is a smartwatch really such a smart idea? 

Adobe, Major Magazines Release New Industry-Standard for Digital Readership

As magazines go digital, how is readership measured? This week, Adobe, the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) is answering that question with the announcement of a new standard for digital magazine audience metrics.

Microsoft Will Buy Your iPad To Get People Trying Surface


We've seen Apple buying back old iPhones, now Microsoft will pick up your old iPad for $200 of store credit to help you try a surface tablet. With the new models due to be announced, that might not be such a crazy idea. 


Get Your Refresh Button Ready for Those iPhone 5C Pre-Orders


Apple's online store and telco sites will probably fall over at approximately 3.01AM EST on Friday as pre-orders go live for Apple's slightly less expensive, but more colorful iPhone variant. However, bargain hunters may want to hold off tapping that Buy button as you could save money elsewhere. 

Forrester: Recipe for Mobile Marketing Success Includes Big Helpings of Analysis

forrester research, mobile analytics, customer experience It seems obvious that objectives, measurement and analytics are required for any marketing channel, particularly one with as many variables as mobile. But nearly 40 percent of marketers have not even defined their mobile objectives, much less developed measurements for determining effectiveness. A new report from Forrester Research attempts to lay out how analytics can be used to accomplish what you want to accomplish in mobile channels. 

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