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Smartwatch Roundup: Galaxy Gear Could Lack Juice as Google Prepares Its Own Watch


Whatever it looks like, and whatever tech is inside it, Samsung looks like getting a march on most rivals with its smartwatch. But early hints suggest the combination of screen, radios and apps make for a battery hog, while Google has acquired quietly to develop its own product. 

Apple Stores Will Buy Back Old iPhones for up to US$ 250

Apple Stores Will Buy Back Old iPhones for up to US$ 250Apple is now allowing trade ins of old iPhones at its retail stores, something other electronics retailers have already been doing, and customers can get from between US$ 150 to US$ 250 per device.

IDC Projects Dip in Tablet Sales as Phablets, Wearables Kick In

Customer Experience, Mobile,IDC Projects Dip in Tablet Sales as Phablets, Wearables Kick InIs the boom in tablets being impacted by the growth in sales of larger smartphones and other devices? That is one of the questions raised following the release of a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) that lowers its tablet sales forecast for this year and beyond.

New Parallels for iPad Increases the Cost of Doing Business on the Go


Parallels has canned its existing solutions for the iPad, in favor of a new, app-ified experience, but with a more expensive subscription plan. Will improved speed and flexibility outweigh the added cost? 

ATT Report Suggests iPhone 5C and 5S to Hit Retail September 20


You know when Apple is about to do anything regarding phones, as all the telco stores cancel their staff vacation. On that basis, expect to get your hands on the new iPhone pretty soon, or at least you'll know why all those sad, lonely people are queuing.

Qualtrics Releases Mobile Surveys For Online, Offline Responses

customer experience: qualtrics mobile survey

Insight technology provider Qualtrics has released Qualtrics Mobile, a research tool that helps businesses gather customer insight from smartphone or tablet devices in both an offline and online capacity.

Google Updates Gmail for iOS With Improved App Integration

 gmail_app_logo_ios.jpgGoogle seems to finally be getting up to speed with its iOS email app, with each update since the 2.00 relaunch adding valuable features. The latest 2.40 tweak adds direct links to other Google apps, and improves the attachments experience. 

Dynamic Document Vendor Seismic Releases App for Salesforce Content

Seismic Web site.png
From the Seismic Web site

The information in the Salesforce platform is used on a daily basis by marketers and salespeople. This week, content creation vendor Seismic announced its app for Salesforce, so this much-requested information can be readily employed to generate brand approved reports, presentations and other useful material. 

How to Succeed at Mobile Content Management

Information Management, How to Succeed at Mobile Content ManagementRight now, many organizations are planning to dramatically increase their use of mobile-enabled content management (MCM) -- providing document management, imaging, workflow and other ECM capabilities to folks using mobile devices. Let's look into how to select, plan and roll out your MCM opportunities.

Web and Mobile Interest Group Emerges from W3C to Further Mobile Web Initiative

Mobile Enterprise,In Mobile Device World, Web Interest Group Emerges

Everyone’s on the move these days -- the mobile Web movement that is. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is, too, and is adding more depth to its mission for increased Web technology for mobile apps.

Mobile Roundup, Apple iPhone Trade-Ins, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Note III Event Confirmed


Apple is trying to make it easier to upgrade to the new iPhone with trade-in deals likely though Apple Stores while Samsung's new smartwatch is ticking down for a major launch event. 

Nokia's Surface RT Tablet to Crank Up the Power


Whatever the pros and cons of launching a Windows RT tablet to a disinterested market, Nokia is on the case with more details on its Sirius prototype coming to light. Will a full Windows 8 version follow to spark greater interest? 

Four Ways to Instantly Join the Mobile Revolution

Customer Experience Four Ways to Instantly Join the Mobile RevolutionMobile usage is at an all-time high. And right now, at this very moment, your customers are on their smartphones looking for anything that will help them have a better brand experience with you. But the real question is: what are you, as a brand, doing at this very moment to connect to them?

Got Jobs? Top 15 U.S. Cities for Social Media


Two years ago we examined the blurred lines that existed in job postings for social media managers and community managers. Now, a recent survey shows that social media is declining as a general job title as roles get more specialized to specific platforms. 

5 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Campaign More Successful

As we wrap up our content marketing theme this month, it’s helpful to put some of what we’ve learned into perspective. While we can conveniently group content marketing strategies into two categories -- one for B2C and another for B2B, at the end of the day, it’s all about creating compelling experiences.

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