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Evaluating Mobile Solutions: Mobile Website, Native Application or Responsive Design

Customer Experience, Evaluating Mobile Solutions: Mobile Website, Native Application or Responsive DesignWhile companies eagerly shell out thousands of dollars for an app’s development and launch, too often, they fail to evaluate all of their options and end up choosing one for every reason but the right reason -- resulting in a sub-par product. 

News Corp is Building its Own Ad Exchange

News Corp is Building its Own Ad ExchangeOrganizations that want to target Wall Street Journal, New York Post or The Times UK readers online will now have to go directly through a News Corp owned advertising exchange, it has been announced.

3 Tips to Make Mobile Lead Generation More Effective than Desktop


If you’ve been ignoring mobile as a marketing channel, chances are you’re missing out on a ton of leads.

Facebook Helps Launch to Offer Global Internet and Mobile Access

internetorg.jpgFacebook and a host of mobile partners are trying to promote Internet access for all through improved connectivity, mobility and devices. Is that a noble plan, or a marketing scheme in disguise, destined to fail among a world of vested interests? 

Mobile is Over, Pervasive is Here. What About Privacy?

Customer Experience, Mobile is Over Pervasive is Here What About PrivacyYou may have already noticed that the mobility issue is over and done. In fact, mobile, social, wearable and the internet of things have converged. What remains is to understand what it all means -- what just happened to us?

Google Analytics Introduces Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

customer experience: Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

Google Analytics has announced a mobile apps management feature designed to improve mobile capabilities for developers.

Hardware for the Holidays, News on Samsung's Smartwatch, Google's Nexus 5 and a Nokia Tablet

Nokia, Samsung and Google want your gadget dollars come Black Friday and beyond. By design or leak, the devices they plan to wow consumers are coming to light as makers try to avoid Apple's iPhone launch.

Skype Could Crush All Before It With Prime Placement In Windows 8.1


Skype will replace the Messenger app in Windows 8.1, making it Windows' centerpiece for communicating across all devices. Assuming Windows 8.1 takes over the desktop world, where does that leave other messaging services?

Five Practical Tools to Help You Think Wrong About Mobile

Customer Experience, Five Practical Tools to Help You Think Wrong About MobileBuckminster Fuller argued that “You can’t change the way people think, all you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change their thinking.” So what are some practical tools you can use to help people break out of their traditional ways of thinking and deciding?

Facebook to Launch Mobile Payments System

customer experience: mobile payments on facebookAccording to a recent report mobile shopping is about to become more socially integrated through a new Facebook feature.

Mobile Marketplaces: What Microsoft Needs to Do to Make It Big

Information Management, Mobile Marketplaces: What Microsoft Needs to Do to Make It BigThe Apple Store recently celebrated its 5th birthday and reading about what Apple has done with its marketplace caused me to take a hard look at what Microsoft is doing with its own mobile marketplace(s). What can Microsoft learn from Apple? What does Microsoft need to focus on to be successful?

Apple Tightens Advertising and Purchase Restrictions in Apps For Kids


Apple has responded to pressure from parent groups, legislators and growing reports of juniors running up large bills by changing the rules on how certain content is shown or accessed in apps aimed at children. 

GoSquared Restructures: Concentrates on Engagement and Growth

customer experience: GoSquared analytics

Web analytics provider GoSquared has announced it's going through a redesign and will concentrate more on growth and engagement metrics.

To Think About Mobile, Start by Thinking Wrong

Congratulations. Customer Experience, Mobile, User Experience, thinking about mobility.pngYou built a mobile app. If you think you're done and it's business as usual, you've got it all wrong.

Windows Phone App for YouTube, After Several False Starts, Is Now Out

youtube, windows phone, mobile

Windows Phone 8 customers, following several false starts, now have access to an official YouTube app. This week, Microsoft posted its updated tool for using the popular video site in the Windows Phone store -- now with Google’s approval.

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