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New Google Nexus 7 Tablet Packs in the Power

 google nexus 7 new model tablet android best buy
Retailer Best Buy has pooped all over Google's marketing plans by revealing the new Nexus tablet on its site. Offering a high-resolution display, improved processor and memory, the range starts at $230. 

Apple Makes Almost $7 Billion Despite Continued Decline In Profits


As predicted, Apple's profits continue to weaken, as buyers go for the less expensive option of the iPhone 4 or 4S over the latest iPhone 5. Still with nearly $7 billion in quarterly profit, it can afford to wait to roll out new product lines, despite the latest year-over-year decline. 

Flipboard Magazines Now Available on Desktop

Thumbnail image for Flipboard for Desktop

Mobile may be considered the "wave of the future," but one mobile only tool is seeing the benefit of the desktop. Flipboard web magazines can now be viewed from both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Mobile Experience: Did We Forget The Customer?

Customer Experience: Mobile Experience - Did We Forget the CustomerSomething is a bit off. At several recent conferences it was hard to walk a few steps without having a conversation around some aspect of mobile. And they often came down to the same three issues: change, channels and approach. While these are important, it's strange we rarely touched on what I believe is the most important component of the mobile experience: the customer.

Mobile App Responsive Design Best Practices


Perhaps responsive design is only a passing fad, but it does shed some light on how we build the digital tools we use, and more importantly, why we build them that way.


Hyland OnBase 13 Released with Photo Upload, Offline Support

Hyland OnBase 13 Released with Photo Upload, Offline SupportHyland's yearly OnBase update is here, and OnBase 13 continues the company's focus on document imaging and workflow, including forms, mobile, photo upload and offline support upgrades to the latest version. 

Think Beyond Responsive Design to the Responsive Experience

Mobile Digital Experience: Beyond Responsive Design to Responsive ExperienceArguments about whether companies should design for mobile first or should employ responsive design techniques miss the point. It’s not the device, or the platform, but the experience that matters. Those businesses that fail to realize this will struggle to deliver great customer experiences.

Apple Toys With the Idea of A Bigger iPad and iPhone Ahead of Earnings Report


Have you ever wished for a larger screen iPad? That dream could come true if reports pan out, suggesting that Apple's partners are working up larger-screen versions of the company's iOS-family devices. 

Microsoft Adds SharePoint Newsfeed App for Windows 8 as Yammer Moves Forward

SharePoint Newsfeed for Windows 8,  mobile, social business Main newsfeed start screen in the SharePoint Newfeed app for Windows 8

Need to keep in touch with your organization's SharePoint social network while you're on the road? Microsoft has announced the SharePoint Newsfeed app for Windows 8 to help you keep in touch.

Weekend Reads: Delivering the Mobile Web + Searching for SharePoint Mobility

Weekend Reads: Mobile Experience Management, Customer Experience The weekend has arrived! Whether you are basking in the sun or hiding from the rain, what better time is there to catch up on all the features you may have missed this week? Over in the customer experience space we continued to talk mobile experience management, while in social business we looked into the future of SharePoint mobility and in the information management space we got a glimpse into the disruption in the document collaboration market. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Lumia Progress Fails To Halt Nokia's Q2 Slide, No Talk Of Buyers

Lumia 1025 new july 3013.jpg Lumia 1025

If Nokia was able to say at the end of Q2 that Lumia had finally overtaken Blackberry in smartphone sales then it was the only good news in a set of figures that shows the Finnish giant is sliding again as competition across the market cuts into its crucial handset sales.

Surface RT Sinks Microsoft's Q4 Figures; PC Sales Disappoint Too

Thumbnail image for surfaceart.jpgMicrosoft's fourth quarter results show that it had to take a US$ 900 million write down on the stock of tablets it is holding and is unlikely to ever sell. As a result earnings came in well below expectations resulting in a fall in share-price of over 6%.

Apple Acquires Locationary to Boost Maps App Credibility


 As Google ramps up the pressure in the mapping app space with a new version of its Maps app for iOS devices, Apple is still on the back foot, acquiring to add more relevant data to its offering.

Google Pockets US$ 14 Billion in Q2, Focus Still on Mobile

Google announced it brought in US$14 billion in revenue in the second quarter this year, and while executives focused on big initiatives like Google Glass and Balloon, most eyes were on Motorola, and the success of the Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords.

Top Publishing Tools for Tablets: Adobe, Quark, Flipboard, Zinio & More

The tablet market has been heralded as a savior to the magazine industry. This is still playing out, but what's more clear is that tablets are invigorating software producers.

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