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AvePoint Timeline Enterprise Available for Microsoft Dynamics

With enormous amounts of customer data to manage and a business to run, it’s a constant balancing act for organizations. 

Thumbs Up for the New iPhone 5S, What Else Will Apple Unveil?


All the latest chatter points to fingerprint or some biometric recognition being the big feature, alongside iOS 7, in an otherwise bland update to the iPhone range. Is that, and the budget iPhone 5C model enough to get anyone excited?

iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

Organizations looking to build responsive, mobile friendly shopping websites now have an option to do so with the iAPPS Webstore Express, a templated eCommerce site building model from Brideline Digital.

Opera Launches Coast as the iPad's Dream Browser


Opera has long been thinking smart about browsers, and its focus on mobile has now coalesced into Coast, a more natural approach to browsing on a tablet device. 

IDC: Smartphones Ship A Billion Units, Microsoft to See Maker Interest Decline

IDC: Smartphones Ship A Billion Units,  Microsoft to See Maker Interest Decline

Mobile phones of all kinds are rebounding, with strong growth in 2013 and with smartphone shipments exceeding one billion units for the first time in a single year. Windows Phone is solidifying its third-place position among mobile operating systems, even as non-Microsoft handset makers will likely become less interested. Those are key takeaways in the new mobile phone market forecast from industry research firm IDC. 

Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Packs in the Apps, Arriving 25 September

Galaxy Gear smartwatch Whatever the high hopes for smartwatch technology, first impressions suggest the world isn't quite ready for Star Trek level tech yet, with another Android-based device failing to inspire as the Gear and S Voice technology offer limited interaction and camera capabilities.

Mobile Security For Businesses: Lookout Jumps Onboard

Mobile Enterprise, Mobile Security For Businesses: Lookout Jumps OnboardMobile users in business are worried about security. This much we know. A recent survey found that data loss was a greater concern to IT than malware (75% versus 47%). 

Apple Confirms iPhone 5S September 10 Reveal, As Android Goes KitKat Flavored


Remember Apple doubling down on secrecy, that really worked well didn't it, so let's all pretend that the September 10 iPhone and iOS 7 launch date is a shock. What is rather more surprising is Google's choice of flavor for the next Android version.

Microsoft Acquires/Licenses Nokia's Mobile Business and Patents For $7.2B

nokiarange.jpg Nokia and Microsoft finally tie the knot with some mighty farewell gift from Steve Ballmer, allowing Microsoft a formal lead platform for Windows Phone devices and its future mobile strategy. It also puts Stephen Elop in a strong position for the CEO role at Microsoft. 

Apple to Sell the iPhone 5C Like Candy?


They're colored like candy, and now it seems Apple will package its new "budget" iPhone 5C like treats to create an immediate impact on price-sensitive buyers and for the gift market. Why not ship it with Candy Crush for the whole works? Just don't expect candy pricing. 

Apple Ramps Up Support Levels, Expecting Many iOS 7 AppleCare Queries


Even in the relatively straightforward world of iOS, things do go wrong, especially when upgrading iOS versions. So it comes as little surprise that Apple is pushing its frontline AppleCare support to be ready for the millions of new iPhone 5S users and updated OS launch. 


Smartwatch Roundup: Galaxy Gear Could Lack Juice as Google Prepares Its Own Watch


Whatever it looks like, and whatever tech is inside it, Samsung looks like getting a march on most rivals with its smartwatch. But early hints suggest the combination of screen, radios and apps make for a battery hog, while Google has acquired quietly to develop its own product. 

Apple Stores Will Buy Back Old iPhones for up to US$ 250

Apple Stores Will Buy Back Old iPhones for up to US$ 250Apple is now allowing trade ins of old iPhones at its retail stores, something other electronics retailers have already been doing, and customers can get from between US$ 150 to US$ 250 per device.

IDC Projects Dip in Tablet Sales as Phablets, Wearables Kick In

Customer Experience, Mobile,IDC Projects Dip in Tablet Sales as Phablets, Wearables Kick InIs the boom in tablets being impacted by the growth in sales of larger smartphones and other devices? That is one of the questions raised following the release of a new report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) that lowers its tablet sales forecast for this year and beyond.

New Parallels for iPad Increases the Cost of Doing Business on the Go


Parallels has canned its existing solutions for the iPad, in favor of a new, app-ified experience, but with a more expensive subscription plan. Will improved speed and flexibility outweigh the added cost? 

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