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This Week: New Faces in Gartner's WCM MQ + Getting ROI on Collaboration

WCM Magic Quadrant Introduces New Faces
Gartner released its Magic Quadrant for WCM this week and while the leaders quadrant held few surprises, the changes in the niche players pointed to larger changes in the market. 

A Complete Collaboration Strategy
Creating a collaboration strategy requires understanding the specific use cases where solutions would benefit the business, and then finding the tools to deliver.

SharePoint Scales for ECM
SharePoint's history consists of a series of evolutions, as the platform added new capabilities in response to consumer demand. Russ Houberg argues that this flexibility and scalability make it a perfect fit for enterprise content management.

The Positive Economics of Customer Engagement
Learn the top 4 outcomes of customer engagement that can be measured in dollars.
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How to Optimize Your Mobile Strategy for the Growth Ahead in m-Commerce

Customer Experience, Mobile Strategy, M-CommerceBy the end of the year, the number of mobile-connected devices will surpass the total number of consumers, globally, and by 2017, there will be nearly 1.4 mobile devices per person.

Six Ways Tablet Adoption Influences Content and Commerce

Customer Experience: Six Ways Tablet Adoption Influences Content and CommerceThe adoption rate of tablets by American consumers has been one of the fastest of any new product and is a disruptive technology having widespread implications for marketers. This trend has the power to alter the relationship most brands have with their customers and prospects.


Tweet Jam Reminder: Today - The Mobile Digital Experience #CXMChat

Mobile Digital Experience Tweet Jam.jpgWhether you are laying back at the beach or sitting in your office wishing you were, what better way to spend an hour than joining in our mobile digital experience Tweet Jam taking place at 1 pm EDT today! 

Mobile Marketing's Imperative: Deliver Value Through Interaction

shutterstock_108815567.jpgHow do you make your business's mobile app stand out in a crowd?

Get Ready to Make the Most of Google Enhanced Campaigns

Customer Experience Google Enhanced CampaignsEnhanced campaigns are upon us. Google is rolling out the mandatory AdWords “upgrade” gradually, giving even the laggards a chance to ease into the new format, though whether they’ll ease into a mobile way of life has yet to be determined. The transition is sure to make waves in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) waters, but smart marketers that not only adapt, but see new risks and grab new opportunities, will ride those waves to the top.  

Trends in Enterprise Mobile App Development [Infographic]

As we tackled in the ins and outs of the mobile digital experience, this month, something was made terribly clear -- it's already here. Consumers are devouring mobile, employees are flocking to mobile apps and devices, and your company's ability to adapt, adopt and strategize for the mobile web, mobile apps and the overall mobile experience is critical. 

How Reflected Intelligence Can Make e-Commerce Apps More Powerful

Customer Experience, Reflected Intelligence Makes Apps More PowerfulConsumers are spending more and more of their time on mobile devices instead of their desktop. While this has been a boon for marketers looking to reach customers through social media, email, QR codes and location based marketing, it’s had an overall detrimental effect on mobile e-commerce.


Four Things to Keep in Mind when Building Your Mobile Strategy

Mobile Digital Experience, Customer Experience, Mobile StrategyThere's no "magic bullet" to developing a failproof mobile strategy, but there are some key points to keep in mind.

Weekend Reads: Designing the Responsive Experience + Getting Corporate Portals Right

Weekend Reads: Customer Experience, Responsive ExperienceAnother busy week has come to a close. What better way to celebrate the weekend then by sitting down with a nice cup of joe and reading all the features you may have missed? This time around in our top article categories, our contributors shared with us their thoughts on the responsive experience, corporate portals and the need to revisit information governance policies. Enjoy!

5 Things You Should Know About Your Mobile Consumers + How to Use that Data

Customer Experience: Mobile Data into Big DataAmericans check their smart phones an average of 150 times per day so it’s no wonder that nearly every business is scrambling to figure out their place in the mobile ecosystem. Is an app the answer? An SMS campaign? IVR? All of the above? Luckily today’s mobile technologies and marketing channels provide businesses with troves of data that can aid in determining what's coming next and help define your brand’s mobile strategy.

Mobile Experience: Did We Forget The Customer?

Customer Experience: Mobile Experience - Did We Forget the CustomerSomething is a bit off. At several recent conferences it was hard to walk a few steps without having a conversation around some aspect of mobile. And they often came down to the same three issues: change, channels and approach. While these are important, it's strange we rarely touched on what I believe is the most important component of the mobile experience: the customer.

Think Beyond Responsive Design to the Responsive Experience

Mobile Digital Experience: Beyond Responsive Design to Responsive ExperienceArguments about whether companies should design for mobile first or should employ responsive design techniques miss the point. It’s not the device, or the platform, but the experience that matters. Those businesses that fail to realize this will struggle to deliver great customer experiences.

Weekend Reads: Delivering the Mobile Web + Searching for SharePoint Mobility

Weekend Reads: Mobile Experience Management, Customer Experience The weekend has arrived! Whether you are basking in the sun or hiding from the rain, what better time is there to catch up on all the features you may have missed this week? Over in the customer experience space we continued to talk mobile experience management, while in social business we looked into the future of SharePoint mobility and in the information management space we got a glimpse into the disruption in the document collaboration market. So sit back, relax and enjoy our weekend reads.

Making Mobile Part of Your Cyber Monday Preparation

Customer Experience: Mobile Commerce on Cyber MondayThe big post-turkey shopping day is fast approaching and chances are you’re already preparing your e-commerce site for Cyber Monday. But what are you doing to optimize the shopping experience for your mobile users?

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