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Mochila News & Analysis

Mochila and Netseer Bring Concept Based Advertising to Web Content

What do you get when you combine premium content with user intent? A partnership between Mochila (news, site) and Netseer that seeks to deliver content-based ad units that are tailored more accurately to the user’s immediate needs than ads targeted by context keywords.

Mochila Scores a Hat Trick

Mochila Scores a Hat TrickMochila is starting 2009 with some announcements. They have added a new advisory board member, a new content partner to syndicate and a new funding source. All notable accomplishments, especially in today's volatile web publishing market.

First things first.

GlobalPost Shakes Up the Online News Industry

Mochila and GlobalPost Partner

Mochila has been quiet for a few months, but they have emerged recently to announce a new partnership with that chose Mochila to be the principal architect and developer of its website, which launched January 12. Mochila already distributes's content via their online media marketplace which works to syndicate a plethora of premium news articles, videos and photos.

While Mochila definitely deserves attention for being selected, the real focus of the initiative is GlobalPost. The online international news gathering and syndication service aims to "exploit powerful global demographic, political and economic trends by creating the only Internet journalism site devoted exclusively to international news and related content."

Can Newspapers Survive Without Associated Press?

Can a newspaper exist without publishing syndicated news content?

Early this month, The Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey, put this question to the test with a one-day boycott of The Associated Press news. The print issue relied primarily on stories by staff members, as well as Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, McClatchy-Tribune News Service and several smaller Advance Publication papers in New Jersey.

After the one-day experiment, The Star-Ledger was back to publishing AP news. While the boycott may have been inspired by a need to prove independence from the world’s largest news-gathering source, it also may have been fueled by the rate increase the AP is implementing in January 2009.

Mochila Goes for the Gold

Mochila Serves up Olympic Coverage

The Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones going for the Gold this August. Mochila hopes to set the “gold standard” for online distribution of Beijing 2008 Olympic news and feature content.

Mochila, best known for their massive online media marketplace that allows publishers access to quality photos, video and content, hopes that their newest initiative can aid publishers of all sizes by adding tremendous value to their websites with the latest in Olympic coverage, including articles, photos and video.

Mochila Gets Progressive at Netroots Nation

Mochila thumbnail.png

It is full steam ahead as the nation prepares for the upcoming presidential election. For Mochila that means joining forces with Senator Barack Obama’s biggest fan, Amber Lee Ettinger — a.k.a Obama Girl — at NetRoots Nation 2008.

At Netroots Nation 2008, which starts Thursday and of which Mochila is a premier sponsor, Obama Girl and Mochila will work to promote online political coverage of the 2008 Presidential Campaign among Generation Y Web users.’s content, including all of the Obama Girl videos, is now featured in the Mochila marketplace.

Mochila Gets a Guardian For a Content Provider

Mochila and the Guardian work together

Mochila is at it again. The one-stop, all things media, online marketplace has added the Guardian News & Media to their long list of media partners.

While Guardian News & Media will syndicate multi-media content from their Web site,, Mochila members will get more options from which to shop for content, photos, videos and more, thus expanding the Guardian’s reach globally. And as a bonus, the Guardian will have the privilege of being Mochila’s premier UK content provider offering multi-media content from their Web site.

Reuters Lab Opens Content Through API


Further proof that innovation breeds more innovation, Reuters has announced that it’s making news content available to the developer community through the use of a non-commercial API. The service will be offered via Reuters Lab, a test site where Reuters can showcase some of their latest product innovations and developments and where users can discover, use and comment on products and services still in progress.

Mochila and Topix Expand Online Video Content

Mochila's new online video player

Mochila, global online media marketplace innovator has launched Video Player 2.0. Poised to deliver “multiple, related videos revolving within the same player”, it aims to be an asset to those looking to improve user engagement and sustainability.

With the ability to support full-screen displays, pre-roll and translucent overlay advertising, audiences are sure to revel in engaging, high-quality videos, while publishers benefit from a free ad-supported video tool for building their business.

Mochila Goes from Yellow to Green on Pringo's Dashboard

Mochila,media marketplaces

Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, photo and video content, and Pringo, the leader in empowering online communities are cooking-up sharp new ideas for the next generation of online media.

Mochila CEO Discusses Media Marketplace

Mochila,media marketplaces

Getting content to go where it needs to go is what has made Mochila so darn successful. With more and more partnerships emerging everyday, Mochila serves the needs of content owners, content distributors and advertisers by building “relevant and engaging experiences for audiences.”

With more than 100 million impressions logged in by January 2008, Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, video and photo content is poised to reach 1 billion impressions a month by Summer 2009. With more than 3500 active suppliers of content, Mochila has what publishers need — quality content that is cost-effective, core technology that is cutting edge and logistics that make the process of selling, buying and earning easy.

Mochila Works to Broadcast Interactive Media

Mochila,BBC,video distribution

Faster than you can say British Broadcasting Corporation, Mochila has announced their newest endeavor.

Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, photo, and video content is now partnering with Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), the leading provider of locally-focused Web solutions for television and radio broadcasters.

Through this partnership, BIM will provide Mochila’s high-quality rights-managed content directly to TV and radio stations in the 120 markets served by BIM.

Mochila & BBC Spread Video Distribution

Mochila,BBC,video distribution

In case you failed to notice, Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, video and photo content, is taking over the world.

Its chronology of partnerships is getting too long to list, but trust me, it’s distinguished enough to include big names like Reuters, Clickability and Citizen Image, among others.

Add an English accent to the mix and you’ve got their latest affiliation. BBC Motion Gallery, the footage licensing division of the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, has announced that it will distribute its content globally to the over 3,500 members of the Mochila marketplace.

Mochila Sees the Power of Syndication

Mochila Sees the Power of Syndication

Mochila onmedia 100 winner for digital media

Mochila is again on the move. The online media marketplace for text, photo, and video content just introduced an application programming interface for Syndication.

This API gives publishers the ability to automatically connect their content management and web publishing systems to Mochila’s high-quality rights-managed content.

Members have the option to customize real time feeds through this open standards XML-based API using multiple parameters including keyword, category, byline, and source.

By connecting with Mochila’s API, members have the potential to provide millions of their monthly visitors with enhanced search functionality that includes relevant information from the Mochila content database.

The first publisher to take advantage of this new application is Farlex, Inc.

Known for its and sites, Farlex has begun to integrate with Mochila and use the Mochila API to enhance the content experience for its users.

Mochila is certainly making it easy for publishers to acquire “high-quality content” – and is just another way Mochila has demonstrated its dedication to evolving and challenging the traditional way of syndicating content.

Mochila Kicks Off 2008: New Partnership and an Award!

Mochila onmedia 100 winner for digital media

As you may remember, Mochila, the first global online media marketplace for text, video, and photo content ended 2007 with a bang announcing a number of new partnerships and services. This left us to ponder their continuing success in the New Year.

Well, we didn’t need to ponder too long.

Mochila has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the OnMedia 100 Winners. They were celebrated for their “success in introducing new tools, services, and venues for marketers to have at their fingertips and for use to take their business to the next level in innovation.”

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