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Mongodb News & Analysis

Watch Your Back, MongoDB - Couchbase is Coming After Your Customers

Watch Your Back, MongoDB - Couchbase is Coming After Your CustomersAnd Datastax, you may be next.

Sure the headline seems a little dramatic, but we’re not exaggerating at all.

Big Data Bits Featuring Bersin by Deloitte, Facebook, IBM, MapR, MongoDB, Pivotal

Go Big Data, or be left behind, that was the chorus we heard over the last 10 days. We listened as industry analysts told us how leveraging Big Data and Analytics could help grow the bottom line; we learned how Facebook’s Graph Search might help you get found by recruiters (at the expense of your privacy); we watched Big Data vendors buy what they didn't want to build (or couldn't build fast enough); and we saw a NoSQL vendor with great promise get a humongous investment.

Pentaho v5.0 Offers 'Blended Data' Analytics, Deep MongoDB Integration

Over the past year, business intelligence (BI) vendor Pentaho has been steadily building up its BI suite by adding all kinds of new functionality. With the release of v5.0 today, it has upped its game by simplifying business user access to analytics, providing deep data integration, and advanced MongoDB integration. 

Big Data Bits Featuring Couchbase, Datawatch, Panopticon, MongoDB, Hadoop 2.x

Information Management, Big Data Bits Featuring Couchbase, Datawatch, Panopticon, MongoDB, Hadoop 2.x

Europe seems to be on holiday this week and in North America it’s the unofficial last week of summer. But in the world of Big Data there’s no time for reclining or relaxing. Though we can’t cover everything, here are a few bits of news we find worth mentioning.

IBM's DB2, MongoDB Get Together for the Mobile Enterprise

IBM’s DB2, MongoDB Get Together for the Mobile Enterprise

IBM’s DB2 database and MongoDB are getting together. This week, IBM and Mongo’s parent, 10gen, announced collaboration on a new standard to make it easier for companies to implement data-intensive apps for the Web and for mobile devices.

10Gen Introduces MongoDB Backup Service

This may just be a Big Data first. 10Gen, the MongoDB company, is introducing MongoDB Backup Service, a cloud-based solution geared toward its customers who use large data sets.

Is Proprietary Software Better, Safer than Open Source? What Univa, Alfresco, MapR, MongoDB, WANdisco Say

Companies who use Open Source software for mission critical applications are taking tremendous and unnecessary risks. So says Gary Tyreman, CEO of Univa, a Workload Automation software company offering products that unify Big Compute and Big Data.

Hotter Than Hadoop and Enterprise Ready: Meet MongoDB 2.4 + MongoDB Enterprise

Not too long after the sun came up this morning, thousands of developers rushed out of bed to see what 10gen, the MongoDB Company, was rolling out to its community.

Big Data Made Easier: SoftLayer, 10gen Partner to Bring On-Demand MongoDB to the Cloud

No matter what anyone tells you, getting started with Big Data isn’t easy.

10gen's MongoDB - An Oracle Slayer?

Oracle had better watch its back. There’s a new(ish) database player on the market that wants to eat its lunch; dinner, breakfast and dessert too, for that matter. Say hello to MongoDB.

MongoDB Sits at the Heart of SAP's Platform-as-a-Service Product

mongodb_logo_2011.jpgIf the hype is to be believed, platform-as-a-service is going to be massive in the not-too-distant future and SAP is partnering with MongoDB to drive its offering in the market.

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