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Movable Type News & Analysis

Can Movable Type Really Make a Comeback?

Can Movable Type Really Make a Comeback?If WordPress and Drupal can take over the Web CMS world, why not a company like Movable Type? After all, it was one of the originators of the easy to use, easy to build and maintain content management systems.

A Japanese company called Infocom now owns Six Apart, the company that originally built Movable Type, and it not only has a big pocket book to help the company expand, it's now readying its Movable Type push into North America.

Movable Type Releases 39 Plug Ins, Includes Social, Analytic, Editing Enhancements

Blogging platform Movable Type has 39 plug ins available now that the entire set has been fully translated over from the original Japanese.

Is it Comeback Time for Movable Type?

Movable Type celebrated its 11th birthday on October 8th. But with the milestone came a challenge: how to regain its standing in North America. The software has languished in the US market ever since 2010, when the web publishing software assets were transferred to Six Apart KK in Japan, as part of the merger of Six Apart, Inc. and VideoEgg to create SAY Media

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on Facebook

Socially Devoted? A Challenge to Be More Responsive on FacebookSo your company is on social media. You have a Facebook page, a Twitter presence. You dabble with Pinterest and have a blog. But what happens when someone asks a question about a product, upcoming release or the implications of that new research study? Do you reply? Or is it radio silence? A few months ago, the folks at SocialBakers, after conducting a study that found that Facebook page admins ignored seventy-percent of the questions they received, challenged companies to open their Facebook walls to a productive dialogue. So what happened?

The New Google Chromebook, Low Profile and Low Price

Thumbnail image for chrome-os-logo.jpg It seems an odd time to launch the updated Chromebook, but at least the price is now right and the styling looks okay for those who are comfortable working in an all-cloud environment. 

Movable Type Unveils Version 5.2: An Improved Rich Text Editor, Cloud Support Top the Updates

Movable Type, the popular blog software, has released version 5.2, with added support for cloud computing environments.

Movable Type Fork Melody Hits v1.0 Milestone

melody-w150.jpgSince Six Apart (news, site) announced that Movable Type was going open source, Open Melody (news, site) has been one of the more popular forks of MTOS, especially with former Six Apart staff spearheading the project. Two years after, Melody finally goes on 1.0 release.

2010 Open Source CMS Market: Drupal Trails Joomla!, DotNetNuke Challenges

waterLogo.pngWater&stone has released their annual Open Source CMS Market Share Report. Who is dominating the open source web content management space? And who managed to move ahead of other contenders? Find out here.

Six Apart Update: Movable Type's Future Lies in Japan

Following the recent acquisition of Six Apart many speculated -- often pessimistically -- about the future of the once ground-breaking Movable Type (MT) software. We sat down with the current MT product manager for a chat about the details. Here's what we learned.

Six Apart Acquired. Farewell Movable Type?

logo-six-apart-2010.jpg Say hello to SAY Media, Inc. The new company is a combination of media advertising player VideoEgg and Moveable Type's maker, Six Apart. The acquisition and new company formation have just been announced. Company reps assert that the combined media network now reaches more than 345 million unique visitors. Not much was said about the Movable Type web publishing software which launched Six Apart nine years ago this month. Speculation abounds.

Six Apart May Be Brewing a Deal in Japan

Six Apart May Be Brewing a Deal in Japan Six Apart (news, site), the blogging pioneer that hasn't garnered much attention in over a year, started making headlines again last week. Though executives are reportedly denying any goings-on, rumor has it that the company is looking to make a deal in the Japanese market. 

Alert: What's Coming for Open Source CMS in June 2010

Welcome to the June installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month.

If you're looking through here and feel that your project was left out, we invite you to send us an email at with a pointer to who we should contact at your project for updates.

Have a Blog You Want to Migrate to SharePoint?

metalogix_logo_2009.jpg Metalogix (news, site) is at it again, offering another way to migrate your content into another CMS. This time it's for those of you who have a blog but are being lulled by the sweet song of SharePoint 2010.

Anil Dashes, From Six Apart to GOV Social Media

sixapart_logo_2008.jpgLadies and gentleman, Anil Dash has officially left the building.

As the very first employee at blogging and social media software maker, Six Apart (news, site) and a seasoned blogger himself (10 years!), Dash has been intrinsic to the company as well as the online writing discussion since the beginning. Consequently, his departure throws up a little red flag for some of us -- what does this mean for blogging? Or for Six Apart? Well we asked him, and this is what he had to say:

Movable Type 5 Released, Adds Versioning, Better Management

Movable Type 5 Comes Out to Play, Brings Version TrackingWe’re about a week into the New Year, but don’t cork up those bottles just yet. At long last, Six Apart (news, site) has released Movable Type 5. The new version is being called “a great milestone in the 8 years of Movable Type history” by its team, and MT users are more than happy to welcome some long-awaited features -- features which we say take this project one step closer being a full-fledged Web CMS.  

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