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SQL Injection and Little Bobby Tables: How to Protect Your CMS


If your eyes glazed over at the recent announcement of an “SQL injection” vulnerability in WordPress, take heart. You’re not alone.

SQL injection attacks are a common kind of security flaw, but are subtle enough that it’s hard for regular folks to understand what’s at risk.

In this article we’ll walk you through the basics: what “SQL injection” means, what risk it presents to you, and what you can do about it.

Oracle Collaborate Round-up 2011: MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release

It's Collaborate time again. Not enterprise collaborate as we normally know it, but Oracle’s Collaborate conference, where we get a look at some of the things it has been working on since Open World last September. In today’s round-up there is the first MySQL 5.6 milestone release, new monitoring capabilities for Enterprise Manager 11g and a couple of other releases worth noting.

Document Management Roll-up: SharePoint Gets Translation Abilities, Acrobat X Finally Released

It’s been a busy week in document management. Embedded translation comes to SharePoint from Lingotek, Google Docs looks like it might be getting cloud printing, Adobe finally releases Acrobat X and SpringCM offers more business automation for enterprises.

SkySQL Enters the MySQL Market, Tries to Compete with Oracle

A few months ago, we’ve pondered the future of MySQL post the Oracle/Sun acquisition. Our verdict was: the MySQL market was where it was getting hot, with MySQL caught in crossfire.

The MySQL kitchen just got even hotter with more cooks joining. Meet SkySQL – a company built by the original, pre-Sun, pre-Oracle MySQL family of veterans.

Oracle Unveils MySQL 5.5, Says Goodbye to OpenSolaris Brand #oow10

At this week’s Oracle Open World show in San Francisco, Oracle made it clear they will continue to invest in MySQL.  

Aegir - A Ruler Brings Sanity to Drupal Web CMS Kingdom

logo-aegir-2010-04.jpg If you have a sprawling collection of Drupal (news, site) Web CMS-based sites, it's easy for admin tasks -- such as patch management -- to get out of hand. Fortunately, there's help in a program called Aegir. In Norse mythology, Aegir was the god of the oceans. In this case, it's Lord of the Druplets.

#10c Sun Is Key For IOUG At Oracle Collaborate 10

This year’s COLLABORATE 10 conference is the first since Oracle (news, site) acquired Sun. So it's the first time that users of both can get together officially and compare notes.

Speaking about the Sun deal, Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) president Ian Abramson says the result will be a one-stop shop based on complete integration of the two.

#drupalcon Keeping Up with Twitter

This year for Drupalcon, the organizers felt a little cross-pollination was in order. There are multiple talks that don't in fact feature Drupal (news, site) at all. Instead, the topics revolve around things that the Drupal community can learn from.

One of those talks was offered by Ben Sandofsky (@sandofsky) of Twitter (news, site).

Ex-MySQL CEO Gets a New Gig at Cloud Startup Eucalyptus

A story with an apparently broken embargo -- that moved us to revisit the science of media embargoes -- brought the news that Marten Mickos, the former CEO of MySQL (which recently ended up in hands of Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition) became the CEO of open source cloud computing company Eucalyptus.

Sun Microsystems Chief Open Source Officer Leaves Oracle

 OracleLeader.jpgMarch 8 turned out to be Simon Phipps' last day at Sun (news, site) / Oracle (news, site). What does that mean for his pet projects, and Oracle's plans for Sun's open source properties?

Oracle + Sun: What it Means for Content Management

Oracle + Sun: What it Means for Content Management

After many intellectual property and anti-trust concerns, one of the biggest deals in the technology space has been approved. Sun fans wipe their tears, as Oracle (news, site) chooses a new motto "Software. Hardware. Complete." -- aiming to provide a full stack of storage, hardware, operating systems, databases, middleware and Java.

All of the above are integral parts of the content management industry. Thus, we pondered a bit over what, if any, impact the Oracle/Sun merger will have on thee.

Quick Peek - Joomla 1.6 Pre Release, Released

Quick Peek - Joomla 1.6 Pre Release, Released The next major version of Joomla (news, site), Joomla 1.6, is available in pre-release. If you're an extension maintainer, a site builder or just someone who really can't wait to check out the next generation of tools, here's a look at what this initial release has to offer.

XOOPS Wins 2008 OSSContest Award

XOOPS Wins 2008 OSSContest Award

XOOPS, the PHP and MySQL based Web CMS, is hitting the news again. This time XOOPS China has won the main award for excellence in creative application at the annual China OSSContest.

The award will be presented at the Xiyuan Hotel in Beijing, China on Jan 13, 2009, during the 2008 Open Source Software Development Summit. The committee is composed of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), National High Tech R&D Program (863 Program) and China Software Industry Association (CSIA).

This is a huge achievement for the XOOPS team in China. With China being a major player in the technology and computer industries and planning on upping their spending on “core electronic components, high-end interchangeable chips and fundamental software products” in 2009, open source opportunities in China should flourish.

XOOPS was also a finalist this year in’s Annual Open Source CMS Contest for the best PHP open source CMS. Although they did not win, with extremely stiff competition it was notable just to be named a finalist.

With two prestigious recognitions in less than 6 months, XOOPS is flexing its muscle as a powerful, PHP based open source Web CMS.

Look for more big things from XOOPS throughout 2009. Who knows, maybe that finalist spot in’s contest will become a winning spot this year.

How To: Running WordPress with SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere is a simple, powerful database with some interesting features. It has a small footprint, is self-managed and fully functional, and it provides many of the features of an enterprise database but can run on commodity hardware with a minimal amount of administration.

In addition, SQL Anywhere offers high performance, bi-directional synchronization that allows you to easily integrate your database application with your existing enterprise data center -- and this last point could just be key for your corporate blogging infrastructure.

In this technical article we show you how to modify a WordPress install such that it runs against a SQL Anywhere database.

Open Source Opens Checkbooks

Automattic gets a US $29.5M round of Series B funding.

Alfresco secures a US $9M round of Series C funding.

Sun Microsystems pays a cool US $1 Billion for MySQL.

What’s the common thread?

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