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We Need a Measure for Customer Effort

What the text of a particular link means to someone will be influenced by the task they are trying to complete. 

4 Ways SharePoint Navigation Breaks Usability Best Practices

2014-10-December-Broken.jpgThere's been a lot of interest lately from business users and SharePoint site owners in SharePoint's usability (or lack thereof), but the issue doesn't seem to receive as much attention as other topics. When experts talk about SharePoint, they focus on migration, administration, governance, development, cloud, and mobile. Any mentions of usability take a backseat and are only brought up by usability enthusiasts. It's time to bring this subject to the forefront.

Google Maps 2.0 Arrives for iPad With Indoor Maps and Live Traffic Updates

Google Maps 2.0 Arrives for iPad With Live Traffic ReportingGoogle's latest Maps update is packed with features to challenge Apple's own iOS mapping app, including improved iPad support, better travel and traffic information plus improved indoor coverage.

Google Maps App Launches for Apple iPhone

google_maps_icon.jpg Having struggled with its own Maps implementation and lost a lot of goodwill in the process, Apple has finally approved the app that it kicked off the iPhone, arch-rival Google Maps is back on iOS. 

New BlackBerry 10 Pics Leak as the CEO Says RIM Has Only One Shot

bb10_logo.JPG More pictures of the test version of BlackBerry's BB10 smartphone are now out in the wild, as RIM's boss Thorsten Heins and other troops are sent out to butter up the press ahead of next year's launch. 

Nokia's Free Mapping App Rolls Out on iOS

nokiahere_tab.bmp Frustrated by the iOS 6 native Maps app and lack of Google's old app? Nokia has you covered with its well-regarded "Here" app now available on iPhone and iPad.

Web Experience: Avoiding the Dirty Magnet in Navigation Design

A dirty magnet is a link that attracts people to click on it promising to bring them somewhere that it won’t.

If links were married most of them would be getting divorced, because so many links don’t keep their promises. A broken promise is just as bad as a broken link: it gives you the wrong expectations; it brings you to the wrong place; it wastes your time; it frustrates and annoys.

WWDC Keynote Sees Apple's iOS Future Going Live

wwdc_logo.png Here we go then, another fun joyride through the highs (if you're a developer) and lows (if you expect magical-device unveiling miracles) of an Apple Keynote, with the expected focus on new features in OS X and iOS.

New Google Analytics API Empowers Site Managers, Developers

Google's (news, site) Analytics suite powers a lot of the Web's ad management, but for most has only been a reference dashboard. The new API will let devs get under the hood and create custom tools.

The What, Why and How of Usability Testing

The movie Glengarry Glen Ross taught us Always Be Closing. In the world of web design, the mantra is Always Be Testing.

Yet, it’s not always clear how to go about testing your site or how to know what exactly you’re testing for. Fortunately, we’re here to provide the who, what and why of usability testing.

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