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Marketers Like Oracle Cloud's Summer Releases #interact14

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It's one thing to spend a couple of billion dollars acquiring digital marketing technologies and another to make them truly useful to today's marketers.

Nobody knows this better than companies like Oracle or Adobe, who went on multiyear shopping sprees to beef-up their capabilities in email management, social listening, customer analytics, email management, omnichannel messaging and other areas. The big question was could these companies quickly integrate these products in a meaningful way amid a fast-changing marketing industry.

Oracle, a newer player in the "marketing cloud" arena, showed off a series of its summer releases today at its Interact 2014 show in San Francisco, drawing boffo reviews from many of the 1,000-plus marketers in attendance. Clearly, the unofficial theme of the conference is "we are very, very good at integrating," as marketing cloud General Manager Kevin Akeroyd told us last evening.

Adobe and Neolane, 1 Year (and a Few Days) Later

Thumbnail image for 2014-16-July-Stephan-Dietrich.jpgSay “Adobe” 10 years ago and people would think “pdf” or “Photoshop.” Heck, say “Adobe” five years ago and people would think “pdf” or “Photoshop.”

While those words still come to mind when you hear Adobe today, chances are you are just as likely to think Marketing Cloud.

Adobe has come a long way since its acquisition of Omniture in 2009, which set the groundwork for its current Marketing Cloud.  

With last year's purchase of Neolane, Adobe came one step closer to realizing its goal of bringing the right and left brains of marketing together. Vice President of Adobe Campaign, Americas and Neolane co-founder Stephan Dietrich sat down to discuss the progress made in the first year since the acquisition announcement and the road ahead for the Marketing Cloud.

Adobe 'Filled Gaps' With Neolane #AdobeSummit

Adobe added email campaign management software to its marketing cloud last year to fill gaps in its digital marketing arsenal, analysts told CMSWire this week at the Adobe Summit Digital Marketing Conference in Salt Lake City.

Adobe is showing off the new product — Adobe Campaign — at the annual conference. Last June, Adobe spent $600 million to buy Paris-based Neolane, adding missing pieces to its software puzzle. “Neolane added the industry leading cross channel campaign management tool to the marketing cloud suite,” said Cory Munchbach, an analyst serving customer insights professionals at Forrester Research.

Adobe Campaign Update Due by Late Summer

Thumbnail image for ADBE 320.jpgThe long anticipated integration of Campaign into Adobe's broader marketing suite will take a big leap forward late this summer, but customers should expect ongoing changes throughout the year. 

Campaign, acquired when Adobe paid $600 million in cash for Neolane last July, sends personalized content across any channel. Adobe released a rebranded version in January that connects with its Experience Manager. But the company still has a long way to go before Campaign works seamlessly with the other four parts of the Adobe Marketing Cloud -- analytics, media optimizer, social and targeting.

"I think it's going to take some time to fully flesh-out that acquisition and fully integrate it with the marketing cloud," Patrick Tripp, senior product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, said in an interview. "It's going to be a journey. It's going to be a series of announcements through 2014."

Adobe Changes Pricing Structure for Marketing Campaigns

Adobe Campaign Abandons Email CPM PricingAdobe is introducing a new pricing plan for its campaign management service. Starting in January, Adobe Campaign, one of six digital marketing units the company includes in its Marketing Cloud services, will no longer charge customers on CPM or cost-per-thousand emails pricing. Instead, it will charge a "platform fee" plus a fee per customer profile.

In an interview with, Mathieu Hannouz, senior product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, said the move is designed to encourage customers to embrace cross-channel marketing.

Neolane Officially Becomes Adobe Campaign

Neolane Officially Becomes Adobe CampaignAdobe has officially added Neolane to its marketing toolkit, and Campaign now becomes the sixth segment of its Marketing Cloud for managing Web, social, email, and in app digital campaigns.

Adobe Confirms Neolane Buy, Moves Campaign Management to Marketing Cloud

adobe, neolane, customer experience, marketing automationLess than four weeks after it announced its intention to buy Neolane, Adobe has confirmed that it has closed the US$ 600 million deal, and that it will now pull Neolane’s campaign management tools into its Marketing Cloud.

Adobe to Marry Online and Offline Experiences with Neolane Buy

Adobe to Marry Online and Offline Experiences with Neolane BuyAbobe is about to buy US$ 600 million worth of campaign management tools for its Marketing Cloud courtesy of Neolane, and the prospect of marrying online and offline experiences was a main driver of the deal, an Adobe representative told CMSWire.

Adobe to Buy Neolane for US$ 600 Million: Adds Marketing Automation to Marketing Cloud

You knew another big acquisition deal was going to happen. Did you bet on Adobe? To be honest, we're not totally surprised, these days it seems you need the whole package to survive. Here's what the US$600 million Adobe/Neolane deal is about.

Gartner Campaign Management MQ: SAP Challenges, Sitecore, ExactTarget, Adobe Impress

If the Leader’s Quadrant in Gartner’s Multichannel Campaign Management Magic Quadrant (MCCM) is unchanged since last year, there are still some very impressive offerings in the other quadrants.

ShareThis Acquires Socialize to Improve In-App Socialization

Content sharing widgets and solutions provider, ShareThis has acquired Socialize, a tool that helps make apps more social.

Google Babble? Rumors Say Google Will Unify Messaging Services

While Google itself is remaining mum on the topic, rumors are swirling around the Internet to the effect that the technology giant is planning to unify all of its disparate messaging services on a single platform that it will call Babble.

Marketing Automation Workflow Helps Marketers Find the Way to ROI

Marketing automation workflow, the visual interface that enables design and execution of functions such as marketing campaigns and messages as well as internal processes, can play a crucial role in acquiring and retaining customers. In a recent infographic, marketing automation technology vendor Neolane illustrated some of the different possibilities offered by marketing automation workflow.

Neolane Updates Neolane Marketing Analytics to Improve the Consumer-Marketer Conversation

Conversational marketing technology provider, Neolane, has released a new version of its Neolane Marketing Analytics product. With this update, the company has increased a marketer’s ability to understand big data and analytics, so they can better connect with customers.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Tumblr, Siteworx, Recommind, Blast Radius and Splunk (11-Jan-13)

Start off the New Year with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

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