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Netbiscuits News & Analysis

Netbiscuits Launches Routing Device for Adaptive Mobile Experiences

In a time when mobile devices outnumber PCs, having a mobile-optimized web presence is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Data from ComScore revealed that in January of this year, Americans used smartphone and tablet apps more than PCs to access the Internet -- for the first time in history. Moreover, according to The Diffusion Group, a quarter of all broadband households in the US also own a TV set with internet connectivity, making the ability for a company’s website to adapt its user experience beyond the PC more important than ever before.

Netbiscuits Offers Free Mobile Analytics and Device Detection


You're a marketer building a mobile strategy. What are absolute crucial data points you must have?

"Insight into the customer, their preferences and behavior," Anthony Payne, director of global product marketing at London-based mobile analytics provider Netbiscuits, told CMSWire. "Decisions around the mobile strategy are based primarily on guesswork, which is not that way businesses should build their mobile strategy given the complexity of the market."

Netbiscuits says it can help marketers reconnect with prospects using mobile devices with a free version of its mobile analytics tools and device detection software. The free enterprise-grade versions of its platform aim to arm marketers and developers with the technology to build customer engagement profiles and execute mobile web experiences.

Yahoo Releases Second Quarter Results; Not Great, But Not Bad Either

yahoo, customer experience, financials

Even though Yahoo is attempting to rejuvenate itself, the company is still struggling according to reported results from its second quarter.

Testing Mobile Devices is About More than Vendors, It's About Device Versions

Netbiscuits , web trends, customer experience, mobileAre you adequately testing your mobile apps and sites for the range of devices out there? A new Web Trends Report from mobile web experience provider Netbiscuits says nearly half of all companies are not.

Netbiscuits Reports Smartphones, Android Dominate Mobile Web Traffic

According to a new report from web development platform provider Netbiscuits, smartphones are clearly the most popular means of mobile web access across the globe.

Netbiscuits Wins Further Funding for Mobile HTML5 Play

netbiscuits_logo_2011.jpgNetbiscuits and its mobile development platform are more in demand as the smartphone and tablet boom continues, tempting investors who have put another $27 million behind the company. 

Report: Aligning Mobile Devices and Operating Systems Improves Enterprise Mobility

Will fast growing smartphone penetration make it easier to integrate and implement services and applications across all relevant mobile and connected devices? Good question. It’s one that Netbiscuits set out to answer in their Mobile Web Metrics Report.  

Industry Moves: SpringCM's New VP of Gov't Solutions, & a New Managing Director for Netbiscuits

Things happen quickly in the industry, including changes in employment. Here's a quick and dirty list of the biggest moves that hit our radar over the last couple of weeks: 

Netbiscuits to Support HTML 5 for Mobile Web Apps

netbiscuits_logo_2011.jpgNetbiscuits (news, site) packs in new features to its mobile platform to help developers make great-looking web apps compatible across devices.

NetBiscuits Offers Mobile Website Creation Tool

netbuscuits_logo_2010.jpgCreate killer mobile sites and apps without the need for programming skills thanks to Netbiscuits' cloud-based, cross-platform development system.

A .NET Library and Toolbox for CMIS

We are all interested to see how SharePoint will implement CMIS - Content Management Interoperability Specification (news, site). We got a bit of feel for how it could speak to a CMIS compliant repository earlier this year.

But it's not just SharePoint that we want to know about when it comes to Microsoft and CMIS. We also want to know how any .NET based content management system can implement CMIS. And we'd like to see it in a similar fashion as the work that's happening now with Chemistry, the proposed Apache Incubator Project whose goal is to create a generic, open source Java-language implementation of CMIS.

We may have the start of the happening now with a new CodePlex project in the works. Called the NCMIS: .NET Content Management Interoperability Services, this project has been created to develop a DotNet library that implements the core requirements of the CMIS spec and a toolbox to help you build your own implementation.

It's still in the planning stages, but the CodePlex site outlines a number of items that could be put into the toolbox including things like Business Classes and related enums for all CMIS entities, Protocol handlers, Sample Producer, .NET CMIS Explorer and more.

This project is just getting off the ground and they are looking for volunteers to contribute to the project. If you are dying to get your hands dirty with CMIS and .Net, head over the CodePlex project site and let them know you want to help.


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