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NewsGator Bids Farewell to Its Name, Becomes Sitrion


Shakespeare may have understood the true nature of roses, but he didn’t understand branding. Brand names can tell a lot about a company, but when a company’s focus changes, sometimes its name still points in the old direction. That’s what happened with NewsGator, which has now changed its name to Sitrion.

Gartner MQ For Workplace Social Software: Atlassian, NewsGator, Tibco, VMWare Challenge, Many Vendors Excluded

In our first look at this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software for the Workplace, we saw a market characterized by extreme volatility. It is also a market where differences between vendor's products are difficult to distinguish at a functional level. However, Gartner found four vendors strong enough to make it into the Leaders’ Quadrant, named four challengers and offered a long list of vendors that didn’t make the grade, including some surprising names.

Interview: Melissa Risteff On NewsGator's Ongoing Quest to 'Make Social Real'

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NewsGator found itself in a position that may sound familiar to other businesses: its employees were disengaged. The work was getting done, but there was no emotional connection to it. It was time for a change.

Interview: Daniel Kraft on NewsGator & The Future of Work

Interview: Daniel Kraft on NewsGator & The Future of Work Daniel Kraft's goal has always been to look at how people work and how to make them more productive and happy. It seemed appropriate for him to take the reigns at NewsGator and from our interview, it appears he has fit in perfectly.

NewsGator Introduces Internal Communications Solution, Think Social Intranet Plus

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The idea is not necessarily to replace the social intranet, but to give corporate communications, and the people it is trying to reach, a voice that can't get lost in the stream.

NewsGator Goes Beyond the Stream in Social Sites v4

NewsGator Goes Beyond the Stream in v4; Introduces Internal Communications Solution

It's pretty safe to say that any concerns that Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer will hurt NewsGator can be set aside. The newest version of Social Sites goes well beyond the activity stream (and what Yammer can do).

Social Business Challenges Transforming Companies....Slowly

During our inaugural public CMSWire Google+ Hangout session in December, we chatted with experts on how social business is challenging for large companies to implement, but also how it as been successful in limited cases.

NewsGator Updates Social Sites to Integrate with SharePoint 2013

SharePoint social business partner NewsGator, updated its Social Sites platform to include compatibility with the soon to be released SharePoint 2013.

Get Out of Email: Social Business at the Tipping Point

Why email when there is social media? Knowledge workers are bogged down by tasks like responding to and reading emails, and by simply looking for the information they need to complete daily tasks. But can social business make them more productive, and make businesses run better?

NewsGator's New HTML5 Mobile App + View of Mobile in 2013

According to NewsGator VP of mobile, Walker Fenton, the SharePoint-based social software has now "covered the waterfront on mobile", making BYOD a reality.

HiSoftware Parters with NewsGator for Social Communications Compliance #spc12

HiSoftware has announced that their HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP2010 Suite will be paired with the NewsGator Connector service. The combination product, the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff NewsGator Connector, works with NewsGator Social Sites to monitor internal and external communications on social platforms to ensure that only appropriate material is shared.

NewsGator Releases Social Sites App for Windows 8

NewsGator has moved its Social Sites to the new Windows 8 platform. The Denver-based company announced this week an app that will offer its Social Sites on devices using that new OS.

NewsGator Social Sites Enrich Helps Employees Learn from Each Other

Social software vendor NewsGator is releasing a new solution, Social Sites Enrich, designed to help employees in a company learn from each other via social learning capabilities.

Interview: NewsGator's J.B. Holston on Being a SharePoint Partner, Future of Collaboration

Interview: NewsGator's JB Holsten on Being a SharePoint PartnerWhen you think about Microsoft partners, one of the first that comes to mind is NewsGator. A successful third party integrator to Microsoft SharePoint, NewsGator Social Sites has over 4 million paid seats and is Microsoft's premier partner for social software integration. And while this last little while has seen a number of interesting events happen for NewsGator: Microsoft's acquisition of Yammer, a new version of Social Sites, a new version of SharePoint and a new CEO, it only spells good news for the social software company. Here we offer some of J.B. Holston's (now the former CEO of NewsGator) views on these topics.

NewsGator Brings in ifridge Founder Daniel Kraft as New President & CEO

There's a changing of the guard at NewsGator. JB Holston is moving up to Chairman of the Board and  ifridge & Company founder Daniel Kraft is taking his place as President and CEO.

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