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Apple Pay: Using Its Midas Touch to Reinvent Mobile Payments

2014-09-October-Apple-Buying.jpgWith Apple Pay, Apple is once again doing what it does best: reinventing existing markets, products and business models by delivering a simpler, more stylish and more streamlined user experience. Let's face it: Apple has a knack for making things frictionless and more exciting.

And its ability to market new services and create demand by seducing consumer’s appetite for making things in life easier is a lesson for all marketers. That’s true innovation.

Banks, Mobile Carriers Treading Carefully with Digital Wallets #appsworld

Mobile payments may become a US$ 90 billion industry by 2017, but banks and mobile carriers in the US are moving slowly on things like digital wallet technology in mobile phones.

RIM Revs Up For BlackBerry 10 Launch With Apps and NFC

bb10_logo.JPG  The news is fairly surging out of RIM this week as the company prepares for the launch of the Blackberry 10 platform and devices that will decide its future in the marketplace.

Forrester Predicts Mobile Payments to Reach $90 Billion by 2017

Like paying for stuff with a mobile phone? Then you are part of the zeitgeist, because US mobile payments were nearly US$ 13 billion in 2012, and Forrester predicts Americans will spend US$ 90 billion by 2017 via mobile.

Google's Nexus 4 Android Phone Details Leak Early

Thumbnail image for android_jellybean.PNG UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has spilled the beans on the next Google superphone that will ship at the end of this month with cutting-edge hardware and the latest version of the Android OS. 

Apple iPhone, iPad Might Soon Have Fingerprint Authentication via AuthenTec Acquisition

Apple's iPhone and iPad have become a mainstay in today's enterprise setting, in view of the higher level of security that the iOS platform offers over main rival Android. But with Apple's recent acquisition of security company AuthenTec Inc, future releases of the iPhone, iPad and the MacBook might be even more secure with fingerprint-based identification built in.

Key Mobility Factors for the Second Half of 2012

shutterstock_90401746.jpg As the divide between personal and work mobile devices erodes, let's take some time to explore some companies and ideas that may drive changes in the mobile world for the rest of 2012.

A Week in Google: Android 4.0 Updates, Open Wallets and Good Prospects

For once, I haven't read about Google upsetting someone this week, is the company taking it easy in the run up to Spring Break? Instead, there's useful new features in Android updates, a push on Google Wallet and the company is seeing positive corporate signs in a highly competitive market.

Mobile Enterprise: Mobile Choice, Competition, Innovation

This week, the mobile enterprise learns how to enhance the mobile experience for consumers, understands the state of the American mobile marketplace and schedules their time on paper.

Customer Experience Challenges: Why Maintaining an Outside-in Approach is Tougher than it Seems

With a growing number of companies and organizations striving to deliver superior customer experiences, “outside-in” is becoming a popular mantra. On the surface it seems obvious: organizations ought to put themselves in their customers’ shoes in order to understand how to best serve them. This appears especially straight-forward considering today’s advanced technology that allows organizations to track consumer preferences and communicate with them any time at any place. Yet if it’s really so easy, why do consumers continue to have frustrating interactions with companies that leave them feeling ambivalent at best or completely fed up at worst?

Further Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Stoke the Fire, You Can Almost Smell It

Another batch of Apple (news, site) iPhone snippets suggest that the launch is getting closer and the tech is getting sexier.

Google Launches Wallet NFC Payments Program, Get Ready To Pay-on-the-Go

 googlewallet.jpgGoogle (news, site) held a press conference in New York today to announce its fledgling Near-Field Communication (NFC) services, heralding a new age of customer loyalty, deals and shop snooping.

iPhone 5 Launching in September, But What Will It Offer?

Due to the worst unforseen circumstances in Japan, Apple's (newssite) new iPhone will be a little late this year, but what will the beast be packing? 



Mobile Enterprise: E-Payment, Mobile Malware, ePrint

During two conferences, some key mobile news came out -- namely, that mobile malware will be a concern for Android and that mobile payments are coming sooner than expected.

Japan Social Network Mixi Supports Real-World Tagging via NFC

Facebook is not particularly popular in Japan. But this highly connected nation is no stranger to social networking. In fact, Mixi (news, site), one of the more popular networks, is adding a system for easy tagging of real-world items using Near Field Communication.

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