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Usability Expert Jakob Nielsen Addresses the Speedy Problem of 'Too Fast' UIs

customer experience, usability, jakob nielsonWe’ve all complained about interfaces that load too slowly, but what about when, in this age of high-performance devices and super-fast connections, they perform too quickly? The user experience firm Nielsen Norman Group has been thinking about this new wrinkle.

Social Tools Held Back by Siloing, Limited Search in the Enterprise

New technology moves into the enterprise slowly, and it's been no different for social software. Some companies are not ready to adopt social while others are cautiously optimistic, but even for those who are at the cutting edge, information still tends to become siloed, making it less useful and harder to find.

Nielsen Announces Choices For 10 Best Designed Intranets 2013, 70% Built on SharePoint

The Nielsen Norman Group has just announced its list of the 10 best intranets for 2013 and again, as in previous years, companies in the insurance vertical take three of the top spots followed by utilities, government, biotechnical and -- surprisingly -- the finance vertical only providing one.

The Difference Between Usability and User Experience

As long as there’s been an Internet, the discussion between user experience and usability has been explored. Although they are conceptually linked, taken separately, they highlight different elements of the human-computer interaction.

Yet in these days of advanced user interfaces, from mobile devices to e-readers to tablets, has the line between user experience and usability blurred? And if so, what does it mean for web standards and design? We examine their distinctions, roles and implications in an effort to answer these questions.

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