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As Black Friday Sets Records, Here Comes Cyber Monday

 With over $1 billion spent online by Black Friday stay-at-home shoppers, expect Cyber Monday to be just as busy as the deals keep on coming. With mobile-based purchases booming, what are the best and worst e-tailer shopping experiences you've seen?

Apple's Black Friday Sale Goes Live

 applelogo.pngThose looking for an iPad or MacBook bargain had better get their clicking-fingers ready, as Apple Stores around the world reboot for the company's Thanksgiving sale. 

Are Touchscreens Doomed? PC Sensors Moving Way Ahead

Thumbnail image for kinect.png With a new update for Microsoft's Kinect for Windows and devices like the phenomenal-looking Leap from LeapMotion due soon, do we really need touchscreen PCs? Will future systems skip ahead of phones and tablets with embedded sensors to provide more intuitive interaction and bring back a sense of magic to computing?

Are You Ready For 3D Web Content?

panasonic_interface.jpgAs consumer and computing devices add 3D capabilities, how will the Web cope in the third-dimension?

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