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Omniupdate News & Analysis

WEM Roll-up: Microsoft WebMatrix Azure Integration, OmniUpdate Version 9.19

Let's take a look at a few notable updates this week in web experience management (WEM) from Microsoft and OmniUpdate that look to make it easy to move to the cloud and enhance WYSIWYG capabilities.

OmniUpdate Enables WebDAV Access for OUCampus 9.18

Web CMS provider OmniUpdate, which specializes in serving the web content management needs of the higher education industry, is releasing version 9.18 of its OU Campus CMS platform.

Latest OmniUpdate OUCampus Web CMS Release Offers Multi-Target Publishing

As college students around the country look forward to going home for Thanksgiving break and enjoying free laundry and home cooking, higher education Web CMS provider OmniUpdate is focusing squarely on school with the release of OUCampus version 9.17. 

OmniUpdate Web CMS 9.16 Released: Includes Site Cloning, Source Editor Updates

OmniUpdate, a popular Web CMS in higher education, has released version 9.16, and it includes tidy updates to the site cloning tool and a few add ons to the built in source editor.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Laserfiche, Radian6, e-Spirit, Yammer and Alfresco (24-May-12)

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our bi-weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).

OmniUpdate Enhances Content Reuse in OUCampus Update

OmniUpdate, a specialty provider of content management system (CMS) technology for the higher education vertical, is taking a cue from the current recycling craze in the latest version of its OU Campus CMS product. The newly released version 9.15 of OU Campus features enhancements to the Assets feature of the application’s reusable content functionality.

OmniUpdate's Web CMS OU Campus 9.11 Adds Forms, Polls, Surveys

OmniUpdate's Web CMS OU Campus 9.11 Adds Forms, Polls, Surveys CMS vendor OmniUpdate brings its education-sector focused product up with a focus on user interaction through a Live Delivery Platform.

OmniUpdate 9.9 Adds Dependency Manager for Automatically Fixing Links

The Web is built on hyperlinks, and broken linkages can lead to anything from frustrated readers to search engine penalties. OmniUpdate's (news, site) latest 9.9 release improves on the Web CMS by adding a Dependency Manager for improved link handling, even with items being removed from or moved around the system.

OmniUpdate 9.8 Adds More Hooks to Facebook

omniupdate-logo-2011.jpg If it were not for Facebook and Twitter, would non-startup web content management vendors even put out new versions of their platforms?

Digital Asset Management Takes Front Seat for Higher Education Web CMS

logo-omniupdate-2009.jpgThe Web is awash with digital assets and the trend is not slowing down. In the world of education content management, OmniUpdate's (news, site) Campus CMS gets a mid-term boost with flashy digital asset management features.

OmniUpdate Adds Social Features to Web CMS

OmniUpdate Reports Record 2009 Revenues

OmniUpdate (news, site) -- the makers of the OU Campus Web CMS primarily targeted at the higher education market -- released version 9.3. The highlight of which is the ability to publish content to Twitter.

OmniUpdate Hits Cloud 9 with Its Web CMS


OU Campus, OmniUpdate's (news, site) Web CMS aimed at the higher education sector reaches version 9, adding new developer-centric features along the way.

OmniUpdate Reports Strong 2009 with CMS for Higher Education

OmniUpdate Reports Record 2009 Revenues

Crisis, what crisis? Almost every Web CMS vendor who has to or chooses to publicize their 2009 financials is reporting growth and bright future. Some are even going public. OmniUpdate (news, site) joins this joyous bunch and says 2009 was a success in its higher education focused web content management segment.

Last year was marked for OU as a year of record sales revenues. Other 2009 highlights include:

As with all privately-held companies, the amount of financial information being released is limited. For buyers looking to evaluate Web CMS products for higher ed verticals, record sales is probably a little too ambiguous to indicate the overall viability and stability of the company.

While growing revenue is good news, we’ll continue to watch OmniUpdate and update you on where these folks are headed.

OmniUpdate's CMS v8.10 Brings Multi-Language Preview

OmniUpdate (news, site) released version 8.10 of its OU Campus Web CMS that is available in both SaaS/hosted and on-premise flavors. Some of the highlights on the new release include multi-language editing/preview and multi-output preview capabilities.

The new release allows OU Campus users to preview content rendered in various file type formats, such as .html, .pdf, .xml, .csv. The preview capability has also been extended to mobile layouts, as well as any UTF-8-compatible languages, including the two-byte ones.

The multi-output preview feature should be helpful for scenarios when a template is coded to handle multiple files formats, allowing content editors to preview all the outputs together before publishing to live.

When there are instances of the same piece of content existing in multiple languages, each of the language versions can be edited and previewed either individually or side by side.

OmniUpdate has had multi-browser preview functionality for quite some time now. It’s good to see the vendor finally paying more attention to the global, multi-lingual aspect of web content. In the meantime, the word on the street has it that we are already living on the edge of global content management crisis

OmniUpdate Gets New Hi-Ed CMS Integration Partner

OmniUpdate Partners With Noel-Levitz for Hi-Ed CMS Integration

Yes, one of those “strategic partnerships” was announced between hosted Web CMS vendor OmniUpdate (news, site) and Noel-Levitz, higher education web design and development firm.

Under the mantra of “holistic approach” to website development and web content management, the two aim to bring OmniUpdate’s CMS, OU Campus, closer to those in hi-ed.

OmniUpdate is well known for its affection for higher education, with many of its customers being in this vertical. The joint effort is focused on helping hi-ed clients build websites using OU Campus as the CMS of choice.

Last we’ve heard from the Saas CMS vendor was when it released version 8.6 of OU Campus with improved editorial usability. In 8.5, it was mostly about proper garbage disposal and controlling those random delete-all bouts.

Like Day Software, OmniUpdate also courts the Serena Collage unfortunates wanting to migrate away towards brighter days of web content management.

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