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Belated Holiday Gifts for E-Marketers: Data Reports

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By now, big retailers have dumped the last of their holiday decorations and e-marketers have already started making plans to boost revenue the next time around.

This makes it the most wonderful time if the year to look at the data to find out what worked and what didn't in e-commerce for the 2014 holiday season. Conveniently, two predictive marketing vendors, Custora and Kenshoo, just released complementary studies that are chock full or data points.

Taken together, they confirmed the generalities that other studies have reported: e-commerce is growing rapidly, mobile is grabbing a bigger share the pie and desktop is still dominant. However, they also threw in some granular details about such things as ROI on paid search, revenue in social channels and the growing role of product listing ads (PLA) in the increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace.

How Mobile and Social Are Changing Consumer Behaviors [Infographic]

Think back seven years or more. How did you make decisions to buy things? Maybe someone in your office told you about a sale at the local department store. Maybe you saw a billboard or an ad in the local newspaper. Or perhaps you just walked around you local mall until you spotted something that struck your fancy. Now, thanks to mobile and social technologies, the way we shop is being influenced by more than just sales. 

Is Your Customer Experience Ready for the Holidays? [Infographic]

shutterstock_160880540.jpgThe holidays are here. There are only 47 days until Christmas. And this year, the first full night of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving coincide for the first time since 1888.

For the holiday shopper, time is of the essence. For the retailer, if you're not prepared to handle Black Friday sales, Cyber Deals and last-minute shopping, you'll be hard-pressed to meet the needs of your customers. Most of them expect to find what they want, when and where they want it.

It's An App World for E-commerce and Online Shopping

It's An App World for E-commerce and Online Shopping As smartphones and tablets become the device of choice for many online shoppers there's also a e-commerce movement for retailers to adopt an app-based shopping model. As a result, more businesses should reconsider how they engage and connect mobile customers.

Google To Drop Checkout; Begins Transition to Wallet

The way customers shop through Google and retailers is changing, as the company begins to phase out Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet.

Commerce Guys Add In-App Shopping Capabilities for iOS to Drupal Commerce

The creators of Drupal Commerce, Commerce Guys, have released Commerce Mobile, an iOS app that's designed to improve the online shopping experience through an in-app connection with Drupal commerce websites.

PICT Aims to Improve the Power of the Image in Online Shopping

For social media marketers looking to make the most of visuals, there is a new tool called PICT --  a shoppable photos application.

LivePerson Report: Online Customers Impatient, Demanding and Heavy Buyers

Nearly three-quarters of online customers expect to get help within five minutes when they are trying to make an online purchase -- and half will abandon the purchase right away or after one attempt to find help, if help is not forthcoming. That is one of a variety of findings in a new report from online help provider LivePerson that paints a picture of the attitudes and behaviors of online customers.

Google PLAs Can Help Small Businesses Get Noticed

Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs), may narrow the revenue gap between SMB’s and enterprise businesses as they are more focused on the product being sold, instead of the company selling it.

DataPop Releases Semantic Advertising Platform for Google PLAs

Online advertisement optimization company DataPop has launched a semantic advertising platform that integrates with Google's Product Listing Ads (PLA) platform. The company claims triple digit improvements on clicks and conversions.

Owned it Social Platform Aims to Improve Online Shopping Revenue

Oxygen Accelerator has released a new social commerce platform, Owned it, which aims to improve revenue for online businesses in the checkout process.

The Future of Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping appears to have a bright future, according to a new study from global research consulting firm Latitude. Sixty-three percent of survey respondents -- who were all mobile phone users in the US and UK with at least some exposure to mobile shopping -- expect to do more shopping on their mobile device in the next couple of years, and that’s just the beginning.

Mobile Trumps Social on Cyber Monday

Online sales on “Cyber Monday” -- the Monday after Thanksgiving -- were up 30% this year from Cyber Monday 2011, making it the most successful day of mobile shopping in history, according to analysis from IBM. Interestingly, mobile commerce drove much of the increase while social commerce actually decreased from last year.

Mobile Shopping Apps Improving Customer Experience, but Barriers Still Impede Buyers

Every year mobile device ownership percentages tilt up, and with them, usage numbers for things like online shopping. Despite easier access to mobile shopping apps and websites however, a new study reports that many retailers are not providing top notch customer experiences.

IBM: It's Going to Be A Big Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is going to be boffo. That’s the word -- in so many words -- from IBM, which has crunched the numbers about online shopping and emerged smiling.

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