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Onswipe News & Analysis

Mobile Publisher Onswipe Highlights Mobile Behaviors

The ways people interact with content and functions on a mobile device are, of course, different from a desktop or laptop. But different how? Two new reports from mobile publishing platform Onswipe help to fill in a few data points about mobile behavior.

For instance, what are the most popular financial stories on the iPad?

New Report Assesses Content Consumption on Mobile Web

Content on 10-inch tablets is mostly shared by email, while content on mini-tablets and the iPhone is more often shared through Facebook. That’s one of the findings of a new report about Content Consumption on the Touch Web.

Good News for Publishers: Onswipe Expands to Distribution Platform

The publishing industry continues to get hipper and more technically urbane rather than fading into the ground like some may have predicted. Rising to the occasion, Onswipe has recognized the demand for fresh material and efficient ways of accessing it, now that everyone is armed with tablets and smartphones, and this week launches a unifying content network and a brand-new UI. If you build it, they will come.

Pressly Gives Rise to the Mobile Blogger with Self-Serve Edition

Looking out for the little guy too, this week Pressly announced it will be launching a self-serve platform in the spring, so that any blogger can renovate his social media feeds and websites for tablets and mobile devices. Though originally focused on the major players, the independents of the world can now spiff up their palates and bolster competitive plans against major publications and/or each other. The age of the amateur journalist just took a turn for the better.

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