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Rewriting the Rules of Autoresponse: Optify Study Examines Impact on Marketing Automation


In February, we discussed the ins and outs of marketing automation. Among the variety of topics, we discussed the importance creating a workflow that allowed the appropriate department to follow up with the appropriate inquiry to ensure that all leads were nurtured accordingly. However, when it comes to the automation workflow, many of these follow ups are automated, at first. Whether the user is redirected to a Thank You page after completing a form, or they receive an email, it’s hard to know if the effectiveness of these autoresponders in cultivating leads. Optify can help here.

Optify Study Reveals Primary Sources of Traffic for B2B Websites

optify-logo.pngThe last time we spoke with Optify’s CMO Doug Wheeler we learned about the impact of Google’s SSL enhancement on SEO data. To investigate its impact, Optify conducted a study to see the effect that these keywords were having on organic search results. As it turns out, “not provided” accounted for almost 40% of referring traffic data from organic search. Today, Optify has released a new report chronicling the performance of the primary sources of traffic to B2B websites. Forget what you thought you knew about how your clients or company compare against industry benchmarks. You're going to want to see this.

Not Provided: Investigating the Impact of Google's SSL Enhancement

Not Provided: Investigating the Impact of Google's SSL EnhancementQuick! Open up Google Analytics, go to Traffic Sources. Click on Search and then select Organic from the drop down menu. Chances are the first item in a long list of keywords will be “not provided.” But what exactly does that mean? Recently we spoke with Doug Wheeler, Optify's chief marketing officer for an eye-opening account of the impact that Google’s “not provided” keywords have had on referring traffic.

Optify Connect Improves Lead Management: Links Behaviors, History to Website Visitors

Optify Connect Links Behaviors, History to Website VisitorsLast month, Optify revealed the secrets of digital marketing performers. Today, they’re announcing a new capability that presents the entire behavioral history and detailed information about a lead in one place. Talk about a secret performer.

Optify Reveals the Secrets of Digital Marketing Performers

optify-logo.pngIn July, we talked about what goes into being an Olympic content marketing champion. Today, Optify reveals what it takes to become a B2B "Marketing Athlete". In a survey of more than 250 B2B marketers, Optify set out to uncover how much experience, time and commitment marketers need to become successful.

Optify Premium Edition Turns Inbound Marketers into Power Marketers

New Optify Premium Editions Turns Inbound Marketers into Power MarketetersIn June, Optify introduced a Digital Marketing Software Suite designed to help digital agencies keep track of the comings and goings across all digital channels. But what if you’re managing more than one brand or have brands that are split across countries? Can you really expect that one marketing suite can handle it all?

Optify Offers an Online Marketing Suite for the Digital Agency

Optify Offers an Online Marketing Suite for the Digital AgencyThere’s a new marketing software suite and it’s designed specifically for digital marketing. Optify, who last announced a series of enhancements aimed at extending its inbound marketing suite beyond SEO and social media, has introduced its Optify Digital Marketing Software Suite.

Optify Adds Features to Inbound Marketing Suite, Closes Marketing Loop

Optify Adds Features to Inbound Marketing Suite, Closes Marketing LoopLooking to take your inbound marketing to the next level? Today, Optify, known for its integrated demand generation solution for marketers, has announced the first in a series of enhancements that aims to extend its inbound marketing suite beyond SEO and social media.

Optify Releases Basic Edition for SMBs & Upgrades for the Profesh

Optify Releases Basic Edition for SMBs & Upgrades for the Profesh Today Optify (news, site) gave a hat tip to the littler guys with the announcement of a new Basic Edition of its marketing software for SMBs.

Optify's Advanced Keyword Reports Kick SEO into High Gear

Optify's Advanced Keyword Reports Kick SEO into High Gear Optify (news, site) kicked out a new set of advanced keyword reports for SEO at the Search Marketing Expo Advanced conference in Seattle this week.

Optify Identifies New Click-Through Curve, Analyzes Effect on Cost-Per-Click

optify-logo.pngThis week, Optify announced the results of a recent study of customer keywords’ click-through rates on search engine results pages (SERPs). The report, Changing Face of SERPs: Organic Click Through Rate, sought to create a new click-through-rate (CTR) curve so as to better understand if there is a correlation between organic click-through-rate and cost-per-click (CPC) value for the same keyword.

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Layers vs. Features

This week the Enterprise 2.0 world saw the introduction of a universal application development environment, a new social media marketing bundle, and a fairly important discussion: What is the difference between a layer and a feature?

Optify Offers Next Generation Social Media Marketing Bundle

optify-logo.pngWith their eyes on next-generation SEO, Optify launched an enterprise oriented social media bundle that enables marketers to “act and track” their social efforts across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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