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Oracle News & Analysis

Oracle Updates Retail Category Management Product

Customer Experience Management vendor, Oracle, has released a new version of its Oracle Retail Category Management product, which includes updates to its data integration, planning and insight to drive store performance features.

Infusionsoft Nets Big Investment for Small Business Marketing Automation

Infusionsoft, a marketing automation vendor, has announced it raised US $54 million from investment firm Goldman Sachs. The company will use the cash to continue focusing on small businesses with up to 25 employees.

A Look Back at Content Management 2012

Need to add more websites to your growing company or just testing out a few systems to make a short list of new Web CMS candidates? We've gathered up a few highlights from the past year to help nail down a few contenders.

Oracle Buys Eloqua, Cloud Based Marketing Automation Company, for $871 Million

One of the biggest names in IT, Oracle, has announced it plans to purchase Eloqua, a cloud based Marketing Automation provider that had been positioning itself as a revenue performance management company.

Oracle Strengthens Big Data Support With New Releases

In an effort to better support organizations trying to get a grip on Big Data, Oracle is releasing several new versions of hardware and software applications.

Acquisition Action 2012: Microsoft Gobbles Up Yammer, Facebook Snaps-up Instagram

Economically, we still haven’t left the Great Recession behind. It’s everywhere; in every enterprise balance sheet, in every merger and acquisition, in R&D departments on both sides of the Atlantic. That said, it hasn’t really dampened enthusiasm for buy-outs and there were many this year across the entire IT spectrum.

Oracle Integrates Live Chat Capabilities into the New Oracle RightNow CX Cloud

Oracle is attempting to enable more proactive customer service by integrating the Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service with the Oracle Engagement Engine Cloud Service as part of its new Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service release.

In 2013 I Wish ...


BYOD becomes the norm in most companies as they embrace new ways to work and new mobile devices. Companies focus on making employees productive no matter where they are.

Companies move further and further away from the "stack," whether that's Microsoft, Oracle or Salesforce, and become more comfortable choosing best of breed technologies for their needs, including HR, CRM, ERP, Finance, Content Management and Collaboration. Open standards allows for easy integration. -- Whitney Bouck, General Manager, Box Enterprise at Box


No More Free Google Apps for Businesses

Bad news for many -- Google has killed off its free Apps suite for businesses, but luckily those that already have accounts set up are in the clear.

Oracle Research Shows Worker Talent Often Hidden from Companies

Companies use business intelligence to analyze key data on their hard assets, but why don't they do a better job of looking at the data they have on the people that work for them? Oracle surveyed 400 companies in UK, France, Germany and Australia to find out. 

Oracle Bets on Knowledge Management with Revamped Oracle Knowledge 8.5

Information continues to grow more important for gaining a competitive advantage, but managing it isn't getting any easier. The challenge is making some organizations take another look at knowledge management platforms. Oracle wants to ensure it will be at the top of mind when they start looking by making some significant updates to its Oracle Knowledge platform.

Oracle Acquires Instantis For Cloud-Based Portfolio Project Management

Oracle has entered into an agreement to acquire Instantis, a project portfolio management (PPM) technology vendor. Instantis offers both on-premises and cloud-based versions of its PPM solutions.

4 Personalization Techniques for Improving Average Order Values and Conversions

Most people agree that recommendations are a great way to engage customers and to guide them through their shopping journey, but did you know that retailers experience higher average order values (AOV) by around 12 percent and conversion rate increases in the neighborhood of 17 percent when consumers use product recommendations?

Use Social CRM to Optimize Customer Experiences

How can companies use internal tools, like customer relationship management and performance management systems to improve the way customer service is delivered?

Fostering Innovation Means Listening to Feedback & Learning From Failure

The Economist Intelligence Unit has a new report out that says don't be afraid to fail -- great innovation can come of it.

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