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Oracle Empowers the Web Store With Connected Digital Lifestyle Offering

With mobile applications moving toward a US$ 50 billion industry, by 2014, Oracle has launched its Connected Digital Lifestyle solution that enables communications service providers to create online content stores to boost conversion rates (and revenue) with an end-to-end retailing platform solution.

Oracle calls this a unified platform for service exposure, content management and delivery, and advertising to enable new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty. The group also includes an upgrade to Gatekeeper (5.0) in the suite, which helps leverage existing network assets like billing, messaging and location to support the development effort.

Federal Government Outlines Cloud Computing Strategy, Legacy Systems to Be Cut

If you think competition in the cloud computing market is getting crazy, then you'd better brace yourself, because it's set to get crazier. The White House has outlined its approach to cloud computing for the next year that will see dozens of legacy systems go, as well as a new set of uniform security requirements that contractors will have to meet.

Android Users Getting Instagram App Soon and Faster Facebook Now


Android users have millions of apps to enjoy, but there's still some envy for iOS's best-in-class products. Another of those pins will fall down soon, with the upcoming release of mega-popular photo app Instagram while a faster updated Facebook app is out now.

Overview: The 'New' Google Analytics Platform

If you're currently using Google Analytics to track your website traffic, you may have noticed a New Version tab on the top of the platform. You've probably been intrigued enough to give it a click already, but if you haven't yet, go ahead! This is Google's new interface that has been in beta for the past year. They've officially announced that everyone will be switched over to the new version in January.

With this article, we'll go through a few key components related to the change. Future articles will explore in further depth each of the new features of Google Analytics.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Adobe, dotCMS and Sitecore (23-Nov-11)

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs in our spiffy little corner of the world. Our weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week.  

IBM, Oracle ATG, Hybris Top Gartner's E-Commerce Magic Quadrant

Gartner has released the most recent version of its magic quadrant for e-commerce. It’s not shocking that the market is growing; something has to be powering all of those black Friday sales, right?

HP Clarifies Strategy, Rules Out Large Acquisitions, Denies Apotheker, Turns to R & D

If investors and observers were looking for clarity from HP’s quarterly figures, then last night’s conference call by newbie CEO Meg Whitman won’t have disappointed. There were a lot of issues cleared up, even if some of the news was not what investors might have hoped for.

Adobe Joins Oracle, SDL, Sitecore, OpenText & Autonomy as Gartner's Leaders for Web CMS

While things have been changing in the world of web content management, it seems the key vendors who led the charge last year, still do according to Gartner's latest magic quadrant for web content management. But there are a few new faces to look at, so let's review.

Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce Named Best ROI for Customer Relationship Management

Technology research company Nucleus just released its bi-annual assessment of CRM applications and probably unsurprisingly, named Microsoft, Oracle and the leading vendors in the space.

HP Considering Sale of WebOS, Possibly to Oracle

HP has been on-again, off-again in its plans to spin off its PC division. But as the company's old management was firm in its plans to leave the hardware business to focus on enterprise software, newly-appointed CEO Meg Whitman has decided to keep HP's core business intact, which means the company will continue producing PCs for the enterprise and consumer market. But what becomes of HP's mobile platform, webOS?

Forrester Wave Q4 2011: Fragmenting Enterprise CMS, 12 Firms,Targeted Content

Yesterday we saw in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise CMS Suites 2011 for Q4 that there is a shift in the enterprise CMS market away from the big, lumbering giants of a couple of years ago toward more content-centric apps designed to fulfill a specific business function. Today, we’ll take a look at how some of the major vendors are dealing with this challenge.

Forrester Wave Q4 2011: Bye-Bye Enterprise CMS Suites, Content-Centric Apps Are King

Discussion around the evolving role of enterprise CMS and the software that aims to do that are almost a weekly phenomenon. This week’s discussion comes in the shape of the Forrester Wave for ECM Suites for Q4, which highlights a number of issues that we already saw in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for enterprise CMS last week.

Oracle Targets Documentum Customers, Time to Switch Enterprise CMS Platforms?

Enterprise content management is a 2.7 billion dollar industry with just a hand full of vendors competing for market share. Documentum was once the master of the content management space, the de facto product for most companies looking to automate their processes and get control over unstructured data. After the dot-com bust, Documentum’s presence wavered and was eventually purchased by EMC. EMC CEO Joe Tucci’s recently announced on an EMC’s earnings call that the Information Intelligence Group at ECM was down 5%. Oracle’s, on the other hand, is expecting to show an impressive 20% growth. And it has come up with a plan it thinks will help Documentum customers.

IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft to Cloud with Big Data Analytics

ibm_logo_2010.jpg If the release of an iPad app that gives users access to Big Data analytics and Cognos was interesting in the mobile space, the announcement that IBM is making Info Sphere BigInsights on SmartCloud should have the effect of shaking up the big data market a little bit.

EMC, Microsoft, OpenText Among Gartner Enterprise CMS Magic Quadrant Leaders

In yesterday’s look at this year’s Gartner’s enterprise CMS Magic Quadrant, we saw how growing pressure on enterprises to achieve better productivity has seen many turn to enterprise content management systems to achieve that. Today we look at the companies that made it into the Leaders Quadrant as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

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