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Oracle News & Analysis

Oracle Opens APAC Cloud Computing Development Platform in China

logo-oracle.gifThe Asia Pacific region is seen as a growth market for cloud computing services, particularly starting in 2011. With business booming and competition becoming more intense, organizations will look for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. Given the market potentials, Oracle (news, site) is launching its cloud solutions center in Beijing, meant as a development platform for its regional partners.

2010 Open Source CMS Market: Drupal Trails Joomla!, DotNetNuke Challenges

waterLogo.pngWater&stone has released their annual Open Source CMS Market Share Report. Who is dominating the open source web content management space? And who managed to move ahead of other contenders? Find out here.

Apache Software Foundation Divorces JCP over Irreconcilable JSR Differences

apachecon logo 2009.png

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) today announced its resignation from the JCP (Java Community Process) Executive Committee (EC). This comes in only a day after Java SE 7/SE 8 specs (JSR-336 and JSR-337 respectively) were officially approved by the JCP despite the ASF and Google voting against.

Microsoft Offers Cash to Drop Salesforce, Seibel & Deploy Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft’s (news, site) made an interesting offer this week that promises organizations currently using CRM or Oracle's Seibel (CRM) US$ 200 per license to make the jump to Dynamics CRM Online. The question is, is $200 enough?

DSPanel Extends Its Mobile Business Intelligence to the iPad

DSPanel_logo_2010.jpg Mobile business intelligence vendor DSPanel has just added an iPad application to their already extensive range of BI products. As part of the company’s Performance Canvas mobile analytics products, the new functionality enables users access to their analytics, including data visualization through the Safari browser.

Migrate your Oracle Content to Oracle 11g and Web Center 11g

Migrate your Content to Oracle 11g and Web Center 11g from Older Oracle SolutionsIf you are ready to migrate your Oracle environments to the latest 11g versions, then Proventeq (news, site) has just introduced an update to their content migration solution that will help.

ECM Market Fragments, While IBM, Microsoft, EMC Lead Gartner's Magic Quadrant

While many analysts have remarked on fragmentation of the enterprise content management market, Gartner’s recently published Magic Quadrant for ECM has not only identified how and where that fragmentation has played out, but also how it will carry into 2011 and beyond.

Apple Backs Oracle, Adopts OpenJDK

The drama around Java continues. The battle for Java is becoming more dramatic than a soap opera and many major companies are involved. Oracle (newssite) and the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) (news,site) are in a bitter dispute over licensing issues and ASF threatens to veto Java 7 if the licensing issues are not resolved. On the positive end of things however, Apple (news, site) has announced its support for OpenJDK, thus putting an end to speculations that it might not allow Java on Mac OS X.

Java Tangled Up in the Licensing War Between the Apache Software Foundation and Oracle

Poor Java saw so much turmoil recently. Yet, its woes aren't over. The latest blow came from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). It was triggered by the decision of Oracle (news, site), the present owner of Java, to introduce additional terms and conditions for licensing Java applications for compatibility.

Interview: How LibreOffice Broke Free from Oracle

libreoffice_logo_2010.jpgBreaking up is never easy to do, but the split between Oracle and the new LibreOffice (news, site) team has been one of the more traumatic recent events in IT. CMSWire asked the new team's Italo Vignoli what went on behind the scenes and what can we expect to see now from Libre/OpenOffice.

A Week in Google: Facebook to Gmail, Google TV Gets Blocked

No good news came from the G-side this week. Rumor has it that project Titan (Facebook's alleged e-mail service) will be officially announced on Monday. Meanwhile, FOX joined ABC, CBS and NBC in blocking Google TV, and the battle with Oracle continued with no sign of stopping. 

Open Text and Oracle Enter a New Relationship Phase

open text_logo_2009.jpgJust like it went on with SAP and Microsoft in the past, Open Text (news, site) has gotten cozier with Oracle in a recent partnership deal.

Document Management Roll-up: OTEX, Oracle Gets Cozy, Windows Phone 7 Gets Email Archiving

Another busy week in the world of Document Management. With Windows Phone 7 offering email archiving by LiveOffice and Open Text and Oracle getting together for large volume email capture amongst other things, email has been the theme of the week. In other news, EntropySoft releases a SAP connector, while gets electronic signature.

The Information Workplace: Do You Have the Right Tools to Be Productive?

Forrester_logo_2009.jpgQuick! How many tabs are open in your browser window right now? Of those open, how many of them are web-based applications designed to help you communicate, collaborate or manage content? If you’re like many knowledge workers, chances are you employ many disconnected technologies on a regular basis. However, things may soon change. 

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the Social Enterprise, Plus Oracle's Take-Backsies

The infamous Gartner (news, site) released this year's Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace, and the results were all kinds of surprising. Meanwhile, the Oracle (news, site) drama continues after 33 OpenOffice developers were asked to leave. 

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