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Oracle News & Analysis

Oracle Hands OpenOffice to Apache, IBM is a Happy Camper

The question of what Oracle (news, site) is going to do with the (OOo) code has finally been resolved with an announcement today that it will be giving it to the Apache Foundation (news, site).

Fishbowl Connects Oracle UCM 11g Search with Google Search Appliance

While the release last year of Oracle’s UCM 11g offered users, for the first time with UCM, a unified repository in what Oracle described as a “strategic release," searching content was always going to be a problem. Fishbowl (news, site), an Oracle Gold Partner, is offering a way to overcome that with the release of a Google Search Appliance connector.

SAP Moves Applications to AWS, Improves Access for .NET Developers

SAP_logo_2010.jpg If SAP (news, site) has given the impression in recent years that it is slow in getting to market or responding to change, the announcements that it will be moving some of its products to the Amazon EC2 cloud and that it is facilitating deeper integration between SAP and Microsoft cloud computing technologies should go some way to improving that image.

IBM Targets Oracle Customers with Free Finance, Support

ibm_logo_2010.jpg Anyone who watches these things will know that high-end software is a tough, dirty business and not for the faint of heart, and Larry Ellison knows that better than most. So it will interesting to see how he reacts to IBM’s (news, site) new financial incentives to companies that want to move up from Oracle to IBM.

Are Productivity Alternatives Hitting Microsoft Office Upgrades?

In the world of office productivity suites, where content and collaboration professionals aim to make users as efficient as possible, Microsoft Office is still way ahead of the pack when it comes to deployment. But there are many alternatives on the market now, which, according to new research by Forrester, are being tried out by companies, if not fully deployed -- not yet, that is.

Understanding Oracle's Universal Content Management Metadata Profiles

There is power in Metadata. Unfortunately, administrators tend to overlook or not fully understand the abilities of the tools that come with most enterprise content management applications. Oracle’s Universal Content Management application has a not-so-hidden gem that is all too often overlooked: Metadata Profiles.

Enterprise Collaboration Heaven: Cisco Quad + EMC Documentum #emcworld

EMC World is in full swing this week and the news that EMC and Cisco are joining forces to create a new enterprise collaboration platform that combines the world of collaboration, content management and compliance may be music to some ears.

Lily Brings Big Data to Content Management

lily-long-logosmall.pngThere is another new entrant to the Hadoop market. Belgium-based Outerthought has announced its repository for big data and content management, Lily. The company is simultaneously launching its commercial services, but has decided to play nice by supporting Cloudera’s (news, site) Distribution including Hadoop (CDH).

Oracle Introduces iPhone/iPad Support for Business Intelligence Suite

Oracle_logo_2010.jpg While this week’s upgrade to Oracle’s (news, site) Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition suite adds out-of-the-box iPhone and iPad support, Oracle also completes a process that it started last summer when it upgraded the suite from 10g to 11g.

OpenText Profits Up 30% on Compliance; ERP, BPM Expected to Grow

OpenText-Logo-2011.jpg Confirming a trend seen in recent excellent quarterly results from companies such as IBM and Apple, OpenText (news, site) has posted a good quarter that has seen profits up 30% on the basis of strong sales growth across its new and established customer base.

GRC Roll-up: GRC is Good for Application Upgrades, is Iron Mountain Selling Off Its Digital Business?

While there hasn’t been a lot in terms of new releases this week, the ongoing problems in Iron Mountain are again in the spotlight, while research from both the not-for-profit ISACA, as well as SaaS GRC vendor Compliance 360, shows that compliance will be the major concern for enterprises in the coming 12 months. GRC was also mentioned at last week’s Oracle Collaborate conference.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Office 365 Public Beta Unveiled, Nuxeo Adds Google Search Appliance

This week, Microsoft finally gave the world a look at Office 365 in beta, Oracle pulls the plug on commercial ambitions for OpenOffice, Nuxeo adds a Google Search Appliance connector, Autonomy extends its reach in the health sector and there are two releases from AuraPortal and Visioneer.

Will OpenOffice Survive After Oracle Offers It to Community?

In retrospect, Oracle's (news, site) announcement on Friday that it is finally throwing in the towel on (OOo) seemed inevitable, but when the original fork happened and the Document Foundation’s LibreOffice project was set up last October, just about anything was in the cards.

Oracle Collaborate Day 2: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Support Timelines Clarified

The second day of Oracle’s Collaborate conference was, again, a fruitful one, with clarification on the support timelines for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Update 2 and World A9.2 Update 1 ERP systems, a new integration between PeopleSoft and Primavera P6 and a new survey from the Oracle Applications Users Group that assesses difficulties involved in application upgrades.

Oracle Collaborate Round-up 2011: MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release

It's Collaborate time again. Not enterprise collaborate as we normally know it, but Oracle’s Collaborate conference, where we get a look at some of the things it has been working on since Open World last September. In today’s round-up there is the first MySQL 5.6 milestone release, new monitoring capabilities for Enterprise Manager 11g and a couple of other releases worth noting.

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