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Time to Close the Knowing-Doing Gap in Enterprise Collaboration

Time to Close Knowing Doing Gap.jpgSometimes people have knowledge about a problem or opportunity, but they still don't act on it. Why is this so? When it comes to enterprise collaboration, knowing-doing gaps are especially common. The business improvement potential of enterprise collaboration is huge, but most organizations need help to close the knowing-doing gaps that prevent them from realizing this potential.

The CMSWire 25: Our Most Popular Stories of 2013

Top 25

It's a New Year -- the perfect time to take one more long, analytical look back at 2013 -- through a sampling of 25 of the most popular CMSWire stories of the year.

We have selected some of the best of the best stories, based on reader interest. The list does not include SharePoint related stories, a topic that warranted the separate ranking we shared with you yesterday.

So sit back, relax and catch up on all your favorite CMSWire content as you map your strategy for a successful 2014. 

CMSWire's Top 10 Hits of 2013: Intranets

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Top 10 greenPity the modern intranet. It's hard to define, underappreciated, suffers from an identity crisis and is often regarded as a source of frustration. It may even have grown too big to fail

But the death of the intranet has been greatly exaggerated. They still hold a place in the enterprise, where they can drive employee communication and collaboration, facilitate document sharing and aid productivity, according to a bevy of CMSWire authors this year.  Here's a look at the 10 most popular intranet related stories of the year. 

The Enterprise Collaboration Tipping Point

Social Business, The Enterprise Collaboration Tipping Point2014 will be the year when true enterprise collaboration takes off in large and midsize corporations. To make it happen, companies will need to adopt a new approach when implementing technologies for information workers, focusing on simplifying the digital work environment for their employees and other contributors, and creating virtual proximity.

The Social Enterprise: Technology is the Easy Part - System Change is the Challenge

Social Business Technology is Easy, System Change is the ChallengeLately I've noticed how some people seem very eager to question the need for social intranets or who claim, leaning on recent research showing low numbers in adoption and value generated by social technologies, that due to various reasons social networking and collaboration just cannot happen inside organizations.

6 Things to Expect from Your Intranet

Expectations run high for the role of intranets in employees daily work routine, but if they aren't meeting these six requirements, they're falling short. 

From Bulletin Boards to Social Collaboration

Most people don't think corporate bulletin board when they think of their intranets. This article makes the case that intranets are just as removed from day to day work.

Moving Beyond Email

We have been struggling with the downside of email for quite a while -- it's high time to act. 

Time to Break the Habit of Internal Email

Banning internal email -- is it a stupid idea, or a necessary thing to do?

CMSWire's Top Contributors 2012 - Oscar Berg

Oscar Berg is excited about the potential of the digital workplace and what it can achieve. That excitement comes through in his writings and in his active voice in the community. Learn more about Oscar in this interview.

2013 Predictions: The Digital Business of the Future

With the threat of another recession looming, businesses will have to refocus where they concentrate their efforts and budgets in 2013.

The Six Pillars of Social Business

We humans aren’t the fastest animals on the surface of this earth. Nor are we the strongest, or the ones with the most powerful senses. Far from it.

Six Core Digital Workplace Capabilities: Designing with the Workforce in Mind

There has been much buzz lately about the results from a study by McKinsey Global Institute, which estimated that knowledge worker productivity could potentially be increased with 20-25 percent with use of social technologies. Whether or not these figures are realistic or not, they point to the great potential for improving knowledge work and how social technologies can play a key role in unlocking that potential.

The Digital Workplace: The Need for Good Practices in a Complex Work Environment

Today's workforce has a growing number of tools at their disposal to communicate, collaborate and get work done. But there is a concurrent increase in workflow complexity, which, left unmanaged, results in time lost and inefficiencies. It's time to bridge the gap between the two.

Social Business: We Have the Tools. Now What?

For years, tech-savvy early adopters have adopted and used social tools such as blogs, wikis and micro-blogging at work. During recent years, more and more organizations have decided to deploy software platforms that bring such tools to the fingertips of all or a large portion of the employees.

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