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Thank You, Jive, Let's Get Producteev

ProducteevDomestic task management is hard enough, unless you’re one of those drones who gets a charge from crossing something off of your “honey do” list. 

Put yourself in the office where teamwork and collaboration are defaults and keeping track of things — like who’s doing what, where’d you put that, when are you going to finish your part so that I can do mine, what’s the priority — becomes a nightmare.

Or not, if you have Producteev, a social task management solution, offered by Jive. Debuts Combined Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint Mobile App Debuts Combined Office 365, Yammer + SharePoint Mobile AppMicrosoft still hasn't produced an Office app for the iPad, so partners like have been left to fill in the mobile Office holes. Now, has taken the next step by releasing a combined Office 365, Yammer and SharePoint app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Google Updates Gmail for iOS With Improved App Integration

 gmail_app_logo_ios.jpgGoogle seems to finally be getting up to speed with its iOS email app, with each update since the 2.00 relaunch adding valuable features. The latest 2.40 tweak adds direct links to other Google apps, and improves the attachments experience. 

LinkedIn Creates Super-Integrated Contacts App for iPhone

linkedin_ios_logo.jpgSocial business service LinkedIn is making lots of moves this month, and its latest effort integrates your contacts with the likes of Outlook, your Google information and other sources to create a new breed of personal assistant app.

Lync 2013 Launches for Windows Phone 8 and iPhone

lync_2013_logo.jpg  Carry on collaborating on the move with the new video, chat and contact app from Microsoft to stay in touch wherever you are on your Windows Phone 8 or iPhone device.

IBM Announces Connections 4.5, Employee Experience Suite #ibmconnect

Enterprise social collaboration software from IBM gets a boost in 2013 with the announced release of Connections 4.5 at the company's Connect Conference this week.

Newest Version of Skype for Windows Adds Outlook Integration

If you are one of those users who toggle between email and Skype desktop clients on your Windows PC, Microsoft can now offer you a time saver. Fulfilling a promise made in July, the software giant is now releasing an updated Skype for Windows, version 6.1, with Outlook integration. 

Cloud Sherpas Buys CRM Consultancy CloudTrigger

Cloud services broker, Cloud Sherpas has announced they've acquired and integrated with CloudTrigger, a cloud CRM solution consulting firm.

Oracle Buys Eloqua, Cloud Based Marketing Automation Company, for $871 Million

One of the biggest names in IT, Oracle, has announced it plans to purchase Eloqua, a cloud based Marketing Automation provider that had been positioning itself as a revenue performance management company.

CodeTwo Launches 'New Kind' of File Sharing and Sync

CodeTwo has launched what it calls a “new kind” of file sharing. In the updated version 5 of its Public Folders product, users can share Outlook items and any Windows-based file across a local network or through the Net, without the use of external servers.

Hotmail Becoming as Microsoft Changes the Email Game

outlook_logo.PNG Microsoft has claimed over a million sign-ups on the first day of its new email service, with the promise of a far great experience through improved interaction with attachments and wider links to social media. With plans to migrate the millions of Microsoft Hotmail users, will it attract users from Yahoo, Gmail and other services?

Quest Encourages SharePoint Use With AttachThis for Outlook

Thumbnail image for Quest_logo_2010.jpg We have seen in the past that SharePoint deployment in an enterprise does not necessarily mean that enterprise workers are going to use it. There are a number of possible reasons why this might be the case. In today’s release of AttachThis, Quest is trying to tackle a couple of them. Releases Social Add-On for Office 2013, Connecting Outlook & SharePoint

Social software provider is capitalizing on all the buzz created by the customer preview of the Microsoft Office 2013 release. The company has announced for SharePoint 1.0. The new software allows users to access SharePoint’s collaboration features without leaving their email client.

ToutApp 5.0 Email Management Integrates with Outlook, Gmail, Offers Smart Signals

The newly released version 5.0 of the ToutApp email management/analytics platform features integrations with several leading email, social business and mobile platforms, and also includes a few new tools.

Colligo's Email Manager for SharePoint Adds Launchpad for Web Access #MSTechEd

Colligo's Email Manager for SharePoint Adds Launchpad for Web Access #MSTechEdMicrosoft’s Outlook has uses beyond sending and receiving email. On Monday, SharePoint app provider Colligo Networks added more uses, as it announced the release of its Email Manager 5.4, featuring the ability to add one-click icons to the Outlook 2010 ribbon. 

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