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Google Claims It's Making Gmail More Secure

Google Secures Gmail  June 6 2014.jpg

It’s just about a year now since former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden confirmed what many suspected already: that governments around the world systematically spy on email.

Ever since, technology companies have been working steadily to develop security apps to prevent or at least minimize the potential for snooping. In two significant announcements this week, Google moved closer to securing Gmail.

According to a blog post by Brandon Long, tech lead at the Gmail Delivery Team, Google is  close to releasing new end-to-end encryption standards on Gmail that will effectively stop unwanted and unauthorized access to users’ email.

Google's New Terms of Service Raise Privacy Concerns


Google has more rights to the personal content users share than most people may have realized.

In its recently updated terms of service, the company acknowledges that it not only scans email, but retains the right to use personal content for marketing and internal development purposes.

If that's not enough to make you jittery, consider this: There could be even less privacy down the line. Google has significant mobile ambitions, including its modular smartphone dubbed Project Ara. Google previewed the phone, now in the earliest stages of development, at a developer event in Santa Clara, Calif. this week.

Cell phones pose multiple privacy problems, including lack of anonymity, location tracking and easy interception.

Microsoft Tries to Lure Small Business from Gmail, But What About Yahoo Mail?


Boasting claims of improved productivity and communications, Microsoft is offering a new tool to help small business users switch from Gmail.

Microsoft might also want to offer a similar feature for Yahoo Mail customers after recent problems that just seem to be growing worse. 

Microsoft Offers, Skype Integration in US, Canada, 4 Other Countries

Microsoft Integration with Skype Microsoft Integration with Skype

Microsoft has announced that the integration of Skype and is now finally available in the US and Canada, as well as a number of European countries, having announced a preview version of the integration in the UK at the end of April. 

Doc Mgmt Roll-up: Microsoft's Outage, Axceler Offers Yammer, SharePoint Support

Document Management,Microsoft's Outage, Axceler Offers Yammer, SharePoint SupportA couple of notable points this week in the document management space, including the outage of Microsoft, will be of concern to many business users. HP-Autonomy is back with an upgrade to LiveVault, while Axceler’s ViewPoint offers Yammer and SharePoint support and Layer2 is helping SharePoint users find information. Lets take a look ...

Google Says Gmail Users Shouldn't Expect Privacy

google, gmail, privacy, information management If you always suspected that Google was reading your emails, in a legal motion filed in a California court, Google admits that it is indeed doing just that. And ... it says that users should not expect the content of their emails to be private.


Microsoft Slams Door on Linked Accounts Due to Security Weakness

Microsoft Shuts Down Outlook Linked AccountsMicrosoft kills linked accounts functionality in

When Microsoft introduced as a Hotmail replacement that was equally good as both a personal and business email service, it also introduced linked accounts. Microsoft, however, has changed its mind about linked accounts and will scrap this functionality at the end of July.

Microsoft Brings Google Chat to, SkyDrive

Microsoft Brings Google Chat to, SkyDrive

Launch a Gchat session right from an email message with the Google contacts integration.

Google's instant messaging service has been integrated into the Microsoft universe, at least when it comes to the Web based and the cloud based SkyDrive storage app.

Microsoft Kills Hotmail, Now Has 400 million Active Accounts

The move form Hotmail to is over. It's official. According to a post on the Microsoft Office blog, everyone on Hotmail has been upgraded and everyone that doesn't already have access to the features Microsoft has been adding over the past months will be given access in the coming months.

Microsoft Brings Skype to

In another small step forward for, Microsoft has announced that it is making Skype available through the interface. However, unless you are part of a small group of people in the UK that have been offered access to a small beta test, you will have to wait until a little bit later in the year for the new functionality.

Microsoft Upgrades Android App, Includes Mail Threads, Cleaner Interface

In light of the ongoing change-over from Hotmail to, news from Microsoft that it has upgrade its app for Android.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Resolving Problems, Metalogix's Big SharePoint Files

This week has been a busy one for Microsoft. went down because of overheating in data centers while there have been a couple of releases for SharePoint including Metalogix for big files and ShareVault’s document transfer for SharePoint. Kofax has also upgraded is capture capabilities.

Microsoft Outage Rolls Into Second Day, Latest Update

outlook_2013_logo.jpg Trouble with is now in its second day as Microsoft struggles to resume service to many users, spread around the world. 

Microsoft Says 60 Million Signed Up To Hotmail Killer As Leaves Preview

In December we took a look at Microsoft’s Hotmail email replacement service to see how it was coming along. At the time Microsoft said that about 25 million people had made the jump with a lot more getting ready. Two months later, users number 60 million, the new service is out of Preview and able to scale to one billion users.

Microsoft, Google Exchange Blows Over Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Email

There’s nothing like the season of goodwill to bring out the best in technology giants. In the case of Microsoft and Google, just when you might have thought they couldn’t find anything else to fight over, they’ve started slinging shots at each other over email and contacts synching.

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