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Passbook News & Analysis

Samsung's Wallet App Apes Apple's Passbook, Encourages More Mobile Commerce

samsung_titanium_thumb.jpg       Samsung showed off its new Wallet app for Galaxy and other devices today, acting as a digital surrogate for all your tickets and vouchers. When released to the public, it should help pave the way toward wider mobile-based ticketing and shopping. 

iOS 6.1 Released for iPhone and iPad, Adds Minor Features and Updates

applelogo.png       Those on LTE networks with the latest model iOS devices get better support from the new Apple update, while Passbook, iTunes Match and a few other features get a quick touch-up. 

Apple's iOS Winners and Losers in 2012

applelogo.pngFrom the success of Passbook to the gloom of Maps, and the dings on the new iPhone and confused iPad updates, Apple has had a mixed year, but will have learned some lessons for 2013. 

ePrize Passbook Integration Helps Marketers Reward Customers On the Go

ePrize, providers of online promotions and contests, has announced its integration into Apple's Passbook app for mobile access to rewards, contest offerings, coupons and loyalty programs.

iPhone 5 To Help Apple Push Deeper Into the Enterprise?

iphone5_thumb.jpg The iPhone 5 offers users another step up the smartphone power ladder, while iOS 6.0 is another chance for Apple to win enterprises over. Will these steps forward add to the weight of users banging at the corporate door with their own devices?

Will iOS 6's Passbook App be the iPhone 5's Big Feature

applelogo.png The world is pretty much resigned to a slightly bigger screen as being the highlight of Apple's new iPhone release. But could the real seller be iOS 6's Passbook app that brings your coupons, loyalty cards, cinema and transport tickets together, be the real highlight?

WWDC Keynote Sees Apple's iOS Future Going Live

wwdc_logo.png Here we go then, another fun joyride through the highs (if you're a developer) and lows (if you expect magical-device unveiling miracles) of an Apple Keynote, with the expected focus on new features in OS X and iOS.

Apple Threatens App Cheats as iPhone Racks up Sales and iPad Enters Parliament

applelogo.pngA whole bag of Apple-related news snippets have flooded in from various places today, as the company deals with the price of market success, app store shenanigans and the risk of being road-tested by those ultimate fuddy-duddies, British Parliamentarians. Oh, and something called the iPad 3 might be happening soon. 

imSMB Launches a Drag-and-Drop iPhone App Builder for Small Businesses

When everything and everybody around you is going mobile, you don't have many options but to follow. However, becoming a mobile app developer overnight is certainly not possible. In such cases you either need to hire help, or to use help that is already available.

Social Media Minute: Yammer and LinkedIn Offer Redesigns, Twitter is Number 3

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Yammer Debuts Dramatic Re-Design
  • Twitter Now Third Most Trafficked Social Network
  • LinkedIn Revamps Company Pages
  • Rainmaker Adds Social Data To Your Google Contacts

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