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Pay Wall News & Analysis

Free or Paid Content Online? Five Things Publishers Should Consider

A recent Adweek article noted that print magazine newsstand sales are still falling, with major titles like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle and The Oprah Magazine experiencing double-digit drops. The majority of readers still get content through print channels, but as tablets catch on, more and more consumers are turning to digital sources.

The Future of Business: Drivers of Change and Skills to Hone

The University of Phoenix and Institute for the Future recently combined forces in order to produce the Future Work Skills 2020 report, examining what exactly propel's change and which skills we'll have to fine tune if we want to keep up. 

Web Publishing Roll-up: Shirky v. Murdoch in Pay Wall Smackdown

This week, pay walls are both a complete success and a total failure.

Web Publishing Roll-up: NYT Will Make You Pay, Amazon Splits Its List and Stanford Goes Bookless

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. Whether it’s a need for more revenue, better access or more space, this week in web publishing brings you several innovative solutions.

Does Paying for or Preserving Newspapers Really Make Sense?

Would you pay for your newspaper online? Probably not your average teen, who doesn't seem to even know what a newspaper is. If they don't read them now is there really a need to preserve their content for the future?

Web Publishing Roll-up: Blogs, Corporate Culture and Capitalism

This week web publishing goes blogging. From intranet corporate behaviors to online newspapers, blogs are making headlines.

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