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Pebble News & Analysis

Pebble Skips On as Majors Stutter in the Smartwatch Battle

Thumbnail image for pebblewatchrange.jpgWhile Samsung and Sony make no noticeable impact on a nascent market with their smartwatch offerings, crowdsourced favorite Pebble continues to make headway. Boasting a new SDK and improved support for iOS 7, a major new update improves its utility as a filter for notifications arriving on your phone and adds features on the software side, including coming FourSquare support.

Smartwatch Roundup: Galaxy Gear Could Lack Juice as Google Prepares Its Own Watch


Whatever it looks like, and whatever tech is inside it, Samsung looks like getting a march on most rivals with its smartwatch. But early hints suggest the combination of screen, radios and apps make for a battery hog, while Google has acquired quietly to develop its own product. 

The Best New Gadget of 2013? The Pebble Watch is Finally Here #ces2013

Mark Zuckerberg, move over. Eric Migicovsky has arrived. He’s the creator of the ever-so-cool Pebble Watch which offers many of the same features of your smartphone via a screen you wear on your wrist. 

Smart Watches: The Next Must-Have Device in the Mobile Market?

Some gadgets are just too cool not to have, and a “smart” watch just may be one of them. Chances are that a good many of us will be wearing one a few years from now, if not sooner.

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