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Pew Research News & Analysis

Sigh: Email Isn't Going Anywhere


Guess what? Email isn't going away. Guess what else? According to Pew Research, email is far more popular than social media and texting. The research also shows email is more important to office workers than the broader Internet itself.

The findings also show that email and the Internet are the most important communications and information tools. Among all online workers surveyed, 61 percent rated email as very important to their jobs and 54 percent said the same of the Internet.

As Merlin Mann, the San Francisco-based writer, speaker and broadcaster, has noted, "Email is such a funny thing."

Social Media Briefs: Ads on Instagram, Filtered Views for Verified Twitter Users

Social Media Briefs: Ads on Instagram, Filtered Views for Verified Twitter Users

Friday the 13th might be unlucky for some, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down social media any. This week, speculation about advertisements on Instagram abounds, while studies show that women dominate visual formats on social media. 

Pew Research: Social Networking Site Survey

Pew Research: Social Networking Site Survey Percentage of adult social network users over time. Black is overall, blue is Twitter only.

Online adults continue to adopt social networking sites, and 72% are now using them compared to just 8% back in 2005, a Pew Research report has found.

NSA Internet Data Collection Goes Too Far, Public Says in Pew Survey

NSA Internet Data Collection Goes Too Far, Public Says in Pew Survey

Internet data collection by the National Security Administration goes too far, a Pew survey found, and 56% of those surveyed said the federal courts fail to provide adequate limits on the program.

Smartphones Now Owned by Majority of American Adults

Smartphones Now Owned by Majority of American AdultsImage courtesy of Flickr user MIKI Yoshihito via Creative Commons license.

Nearly 60% of American adults own smartphones, a Pew Research report has found, a number that has gone up by about two thirds in only two years.

Pew Report: Mainstream News Resources Down, Viewers/Readers Leave

Almost a third of Americans have abandoned a specific news outlet because it no longer provides the same quality of news they are accustomed to getting. That’s a key finding in the Pew Research Center’s annual media report.

Report: User Demographics for Popular Social Media Sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

While social media continues to be a popular communication tool, according to a new survey released by the Pew Research Center some sites aren't as well-received as others.

Report: Libraries Becoming More Digital, But Still Maintain Traditional Services

The function of the public library is changing, according to a new report from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Mobile Shopping Apps Improving Customer Experience, but Barriers Still Impede Buyers

Every year mobile device ownership percentages tilt up, and with them, usage numbers for things like online shopping. Despite easier access to mobile shopping apps and websites however, a new study reports that many retailers are not providing top notch customer experiences.

Mobile Connections on the Rise; Good News for Mobile Advertising

A study by the Pew Research Center has found nearly 50% of US adults own either a smartphone or tablet, and another study by researchers BIA/Kelsey tells us how much local advertisers are targeting them. 

Create Mobile Friendly Websites in Minutes with Responsive Design [SPONSORED]

Sponsored Article by Telerik SitefinityThe mobile web is exploding -- it's true. And the good news is that intelligently addressing the needs of your mobile visitors doesn't have to be intimidating or resource intensive.

Yes, building mobile experiences is not a simple as publishing your website for a smaller screen. But, you also do not need to create completely separate code bases and content.

What if you could design and deploy all your content across all devices appropriately using a single environment and a single set of templates? The key, according to the Telerik team, is to develop your mobile strategy based on "responsive design".

Using responsive design you can:

  • Create and manage your content in a single location and have it reflected appropriately across channels and devices.
  • Manage a single URL regardless of device used to access your site.
  • Automatic adjust the size of screens without doing device detection or redirecting the user to other locations.
  • Manage web properties without additional server logic.

Responsive design concepts, product solutions and means of building mobile experiences will be address in an upcoming one hour interactive webinar on April 11 at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 16:00 GMT.

Is mobile on your mind? If so, you can reserve your seat here.

BigDoor Rolls Out Updated Gamified Loyalty Platform

As you have probably heard, gamification adoption is growing  in the enterprise. The rapidly expanding demand is driving new vendors to enter the market and existing vendors, such as BigDoor, to expand its platform. BigDoor has announced a new version of its Gamified Rewards Program.

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