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Pew Research Center For Internet And American Life Project News & Analysis

Harnessing the Power of Online Reviews

What do you do before making a purchase? If you are like 58% of Americans, you perform online research concerning the products and services that you considering purchasing.

Implications for the Enterprise: Cell Phones and American Adults

Pew_Internet.jpgThis week the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project released a study that probed cell phones and American Adults. What they found showed that texting has permeated generational boundaries. Sure, adults still don’t text as much as kids do, but the numbers are climbing, nonetheless.

WEM Lessons: Case Studies on Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring one’s brand or image is nothing new. In the olden days, companies might have held focus groups to find out what consumers thought about their product, brand or company. Today, it’s much more complicated to gauge your reputation.

Companies are no longer just producing print materials and television advertising. In fact, companies are not the only ones generating buzz about their product. Nowadays, social media can transform a relatively unknown company into a “household” name in nanoseconds. And though social media can have a meaningful impact on a company’s reputation, it’s no secret that it can also destroy them as well.

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