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Piktochart News & Analysis

New Piktochart Release Makes Infographics Interactive: Adds Links, Clickable Tabs

As great as creating infographics are for conveying complex information visually, they are still fairly static, and while there are a variety of tools that have made it easier for non-designers to create their infographics, the functionality available has been pretty limited. One of our favorite platforms, Piktochart, has released an update that aims to make infographics more interactive and engaging.

Infographics vs. Data Visualization: Top 5 Tools for Creating Infographics

You say infographic, I say data visualization. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to, right? It seems that every day a new graphic representation of data shows up begging us to zoom in, scroll and otherwise engage, but how you get to the final result comes down to the using the right data and the right tool. We can’t help you with your data, but we can help you find the right tool. We compiled our list of the tools for creating infographics and data visuals. Today, we present our top five tools for creating infographics.

Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant

Together, Jive & Actiance Keep Social Business Compliant Adhering to electronic communications laws in the realm of social business can be tricky. Hoping to ease the process, Jive has partnered with Actiance, a company bent on improving the security, management and compliance of unified communications. 

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