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Atex 10.8 Released with HTML5 Authoring Tool + Built in Paywall

Atex 10.8 Released with HTML5 Authoring Tool + Built in PaywallContent publishing and advertisement specialist Atex has updated its Web CMS to version 10.8, and it includes an HTML5 authoring tool and a built in paywall to allow customers to set up subscription or meter based revenue streams.

This Week: Microsoft Buys Yammer, Saves SharePoint?

It's not official, official, but word is Yammer is selling the farm to Microsoft for $US 1.2 bil. Good news for Yammer? Or good news for Microsoft? The answer depends on who you ask.

The truth is Yammer is a great addition to SharePoint giving it some proven social collaboration features -- ones that exceed SP 2010 and what's expected in the upcoming SharePoint 2013 release. Yammer, as a cloud-based service, will fit in nicely with Microsoft's plans for Office 365. But is it the end of Yammer as we know it?

Beyond Yammer here's what stood out in Social Business this week:

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Atex Adds Branded Functionality to Polopoly Web CMS

Atex has announced that it partnered with The Access Network Company to develop new branded-publisher-focused functionality for its Polopoly web content management system, which it said provides small and mid-sized publishers with a platform for deploying customizable, configurable, branded local news and GPS-enabled content.

Atex Web CMS Supports Publishing to iPad, eReader

AtexLogo_2009.gifIn full support of the rapidly growing e-reader trend, Atex (news, site) has just announced that their Web CMS offers direct publishing to devices all the way from the Kindle to the iPad.

Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In Framework

Polopoly Web CMS Supports 3rd Party Widgets with New Plug-In FrameworkAtex’s baby, Polopoly Web CMS (news, site), came around for round 9.14 last week. The highlight of the new version is the inclusion of widget plug-in framework, which aims to make tacking on third-party website components that much easier.

Polopoly Web CMS Incorporates Atex Text Mining Engine

Atex Releases Polopoly v9.13 Web CMS

Swedish content management provider Polopoly (news, site) has announced that it has integrated U.S. digital media giant’s Text Mining engine into Polopoly CMS 9.13.

Hardly a surprise given that Atex bought Polopoly last year with the specific intention of increasing its revenue directly from digital media (as opposed to software) to 50% of entire revenues by 2011.

With Polopoly v9.13 they may well meet that target, as the text mining solution should prove attractive to publishers with a lot of digital content lying around that could be making money for them if they could only get it organized.

Polopoly Web CMS to Get Live Video Capabilities

Polopoly Web CMS to Get Live Video Capabilities from Bambuser

Bambuser, a developer of live video technology, has entered into a partnership with Polopoly, a Web CMS vendor, to provide users with an integrated solution that will bring live mobile broadcasting technology and standard publishing technology together.

Polopoly Goes Mobile with Arena Interactive

polopoly goes mobile

Polopoly wants to take their user-generated content capabilities mobile. They’ve determined that the best way to do this is via the integration of a mobile offering called AIMO from Arena Interactive.

Media Software Giant Atex Buys Polopoly

Polopoly acquisition, Atex, content management

Polopoly, a Swedish CMS provider has been acquired by UK based Atex, a technology solutions provider for media companies. The move comes after a year long search by Atex for a content management vendor. Atex plans to use Polopoly’s Content Manager to boost their Digital News and Advertising program.

Live Layout Management For Polopoly v9.9

polopoly v9.9 released

The most irksome thing about developing with most Web CMS systems is the rigidity associated with layouts. The modern system is characterized by ten minute import and deployment lifecycles, followed by 100 hours of tweaking stylesheets to get everything looking just-so.

The new version of Polopoly aims to hammer another nail into the traditional webmaster’s coffin by offering more advanced, automated customization with the introduction of its new ‘out-of-the-box layout management functionality’.

40 Percent of EU Printed News Will Be User-Generated in Near Future

For “legit” print journalists, the day of reckoning may be approaching more quickly than any of us would like. A survey by web CMS vendor Polopoly reports that, according to European newspaper execs, 40 percent of published content will be user generated.

In the next three years.

Because of this, blogs and other “new media” commodities will become increasingly critical to the news-making populace. And with this trend, personalized online advertising opportunities are also expected to improve.

Waffles, Beer, and... Polopoly

Polopoly Logo

Belgian media group Cornelio announces Polypoly as their long term partner in providing Web CMS functionality for the company’s family of web projects. Polypoly Content Manager will serve as the central platform for the ongoing development of Cornelio’s publications in the digital arena.

Local News Publisher Trusts Polopoly to Serve Online News

CN Group, the gatekeeper of seven Cumbria-based newspapers including The Cumberland News, News & Star and North West Evening Mail, has tapped European CMS provider Polopoly to help broaden online audiences for the local news niche.

Polopoly was chosen for its ability to streamline the online publishing process amongst a number of editorial teams. It will also provide instant user metrics, article tags and comments. CN Group also pointed to Polopoly’s stability of services during high-traffic instances.

The Times & Star will be the first to undertake the Polopoly transition.

In June, Polopoly released pay-per-view blogging capabilities - a boon for enterprises seeking to monetize ground-floor online campaigns.

Amadeus, Northzone Join EPiServer Buyout


Amadeus Capital and Northzone have just joined hands with Peter Larsson (via Monterro Holdings) to acquire a majority stake in EPiServer.

Stockholm-based EPiServer, a web CMS purveyor, significantly exceeds estimated industry growth of 13 percent per annum.

CMS Watch points out this is a pretty ambitious series of changes for a company that only hired its first employee outside Sweden last year. But scaling in Scandinavia isn’t as easy as one would hope.

EPiServer’s biggest competitor, reach-wise, is Sitecore. There’s also Polopoly, I guess, but we haven’t heard much about them since that pay-per-view blogging thing.

The Amadeus/Northzone/Larsson transaction cost about US$ 23.5 million. Peter Larsson will be taking on the mantle of CEO.

Polopoly Provides Platform for Pay-Per-View Blogging


How do you know when a trend has ceased to be a trend? When the “legitimate” players need to leap in to survive, and the trend-setters end up paying taxes just like everyone else.

Polopoly Community Module, a collaboration solution from Polopoly, Scandinavia’s largest Content Management vendor, recently helped a major global newspaper get blog-savvy with a pay-per-view blogging system that also rewards bloggers.

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