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What's Behind Microsoft's MSN Portal Revamp?

2014-9-9 msn redesigned portal.jpgTwo decades after it launched MSN, Microsoft is applying its "mobile-first, cloud-first" direction to the MSN portal, which it claims has over 425 million users daily. The enhanced personalization capabilities will provide advertisers with a single place to buy space that can be synched across devices and audiences.

4 Ways to Kick Start Your SharePoint Implementation

2014-17-June-Motocross.jpgWe've discussed the importance of proper planning, change management strategies and providing end user training in order to ensure a successful SharePoint implementation. While it is definitely good to have a plan or strategy in place for any software project, with the fast pace of change you shouldn't wait until you have the entire project complete before rolling out anything. If you wait too long to deliver something, users will get impatient and the project will lose momentum.

Enterprise Portal Liferay Gets Drag-and-Drop Uploading

The Liferay open source enterprise portal grows its ecosystem in part by the applications that are developed for it and featured in the Liferay Marketplace, which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Liferay is expected to announce version 6.2 next week at the Liferay Symposium in San Francisco. And one new announced app, from Portland, OR-based Solea Software, adds drag-and-drop functionality. 

Moxie Takes on Yammer + Jive with Collaboration Spaces

Social business provider Moxie Software has released its Collaboration Spaces technology, a social activity and workflow tool that will directly compete with Yammer and Jive.

NewsGator Updates Social Sites to Integrate with SharePoint 2013

SharePoint social business partner NewsGator, updated its Social Sites platform to include compatibility with the soon to be released SharePoint 2013.

3 Steps to a Great SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is great, but not everyone knows how best to use this formidable platform to build the system that they want. Take the humble Intranet.

Struggling with Content Marketing? Here's What to Do Now

Chances are pretty darn good you’re already a content marketer. But do you find yourself sometimes hitting a wall?

In 2013 I Wish ...


That stakeholders be brave and bold. We’re on the cusp of a new era in Information Management.
There are things to innovate and to discover that no one has ever seen or ever worked with before.
So while you have to pace yourself, you also need to recognize that these moments don’t last. This is the opportunity to catch the wave while it’s here. -- Virginia Backaitis

Why You Don't Want an Agency Managing Your B2B Social Marketing

Agencies do great work. So, this post is not meant to be a rant on them at all ...

Mozilla Firefox Incorporates Facebook Messenger Sidebar

Facebook has partnered with Mozilla Firefox to integrate its messenger tool directly into the web browser’s interface.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant For Horizontal Portals: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Liferay Top Dogs

Gartner has released its latest magic quadrant (MQ) for horizontal portals. The market continues to evolve as platforms gain new features that increasingly blur the boundaries between the portal market and other sectors like content and experience management. The portal market may be changing, but Gartner’s vendor categorizations are very similar to last year’s incarnation of the report.

Liferay's Balanced Stance on Mobility #LRNAS2012

Liferay’s annual North American Symposium is underway in San Francisco. Liferay, like almost every other technology vendor, is focusing heavily on mobility. I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Han, Liferay’s VP of Operations, to discuss exactly how.

My Other DAM is a Self-Service Intranet Portal

gas_attendant_shutterstock_90537463.jpgRunning a digital asset management system without a self-service DAM intranet portal is like buying gas in Oregon -- the “drivers” (end users) must rely on an “attendant” (a person in charge of managing digital assets) just to get to work.

Technology to Solve the Problems of Technology #DEMO2012

We're all familiar with the pitfalls of the proliferation of information. Massive quantities of competing programs and platforms leads to an overwhelming over-saturation of media. Battling operating systems and hardware lead to endless issues with connectivity and compatibility. The majority of the new technology being presented at DEMO Conference present themselves as a solution to those woes.  

Enterprise Social Networks Will Render Company Intranets Obsolete

After the communication value of the Internet and web technology became apparent, it was only a matter of time before that same interaction capability was applied to internal corporate communications. Company intranets and employee portals sprang up across the business landscape. Will the growth of social networking have a similar effect? 

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