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Sitecore Adds Print Media to Customer Engagement Platform via Acquisition

Sitecore (news, site) knows that a complete customer experience is still a combination of digital and print media. To ensure its print capabilities are solid, it acquired technology partner Pectora.

QuarkXPress Server Revs Up to Match Desktop

quark_logo_2009.jpg Has it really been two months since QuarkXPress 9 came out? You know what they say, one good desktop product deserves a server version. Or something like that.†Nerdy cliches aside, Quark (news, site) is back in the news with the release of QuarkXPress Server 9.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Social Media, Magazine Sales and Wisconsin

This week in web publishing we cover three key areas: social media, magazines and Wisconsin.

K4 Publishing Platform v6 Enhances Workflow, Cross Channel Support

k4_logo_2010.jpgNewly updated, K4 is a German-originated product shipped in America by MEI. It offers tighter control of the publishing process with task-based workflow giving specific instructions on each user's tasks to keep them on the ball.

CrownPeak Manages Your Message Across all Social Sites

CP-small.jpgCrownPeak (news, site)†is joining the many companies adding social publishing features to their web content managment packages. They allow a company's message to be spread far and wide -- and more importantly, consistently -- across the social Web.

SharePoint Service Pack 2 - Helping Prepare for SharePoint 2010

Just like they said, Microsoft released the Office Service Pack 2 on April 28. In that service pack are a number of improvements and bug fixes for both SharePoint Server 2007 (news, site) and WSS. We offered the hightlights earlier, now we look a little deeper.

Strategic Alliance Offers JustSystems Cash and Market Opportunity

justsystems logo.png It has often been said that necessity is the mother of invention. In current times, with recession depriving many businesses of the barest survival necessity – cash - invention is key to getting through the next 12 months.

In this respect then, the recent announcement from XML and Information Management software vendor JustSystems (news, site) that Keyence Corp, a developer of sensors for factory automation, is to take a 44% stake -- worth US$ 44.7m -- in the Japanese vendor is logical.

The logic in this case being take the money where you can find it.

Can Newspapers Survive Without Associated Press?

Can a newspaper exist without publishing syndicated news content?

Early this month, The Star-Ledger of Newark, New Jersey, put this question to the test with a one-day boycott of The Associated Press news. The print issue relied primarily on stories by staff members, as well as Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, McClatchy-Tribune News Service and several smaller Advance Publication papers in New Jersey.

After the one-day experiment, The Star-Ledger was back to publishing AP news. While the boycott may have been inspired by a need to prove independence from the world’s largest news-gathering source, it also may have been fueled by the rate increase the AP is implementing in January 2009.

Report: The Changing Face of News in a Digital Era

While the death of print news was predicted awhile ago, the reality is that it’s suffering a long, slow, painful and tedious spiral into oblivion. However, within that spiral there is a lot of analysis. And it’s a lot more than just rearranging deck chairs on the Titantic. It’s about insight into the changing face of news in a digital era.

In its State of the News Media 2008: An Annual Report on American Journalism released by the Pew Research Centerís Project for Excellence in Journalism, more than 250 newspapers participated in the examination of the changing nature of the resources in American newspaper newsrooms at a critical and pivotal time.

Away From Print Towards A Better Life Online

IDG,print transitioning online

Can print media survive the transition to the Internet?

It’s an awkward question at best, whose answer has seemed quite dismal over the past year. But now, with a struggling economy and fledgling print audience, International Data Group (IDG) has sought a probable answer.

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