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Microsoft Nearly Clarifies Office 2013 Licensing, Still Dithering Over Cloud Computing

Way back when, in the days when Microsoft starting talking up Office 2013 critics of the Redmond giant made some pretty pointed comments about slow-coach Microsoft and the cloud. There may have been reasons to suggest that the company was behind the times with a desktop office suite, but the recent issues around licensing of Office 2013 shows exactly where it is putting its money.

Accellion Introduces a Secure Mobile Productivity Suite for iOS Users

Enterprise mobile file sharing solution provider Accellion is releasing the Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite. This new package of applications provides users with secure access to and sharing of Microsoft Office documents, as well as photos from iOS mobile devices

Microsoft Already Extending Office 365 2013 With 5 Bing Apps Including Maps, Image Search

It’s only three days since Microsoft launched Office 2013 and the online version through Office 365, but already it has started building it out. To be more precise, it is Bing that is building out Office 365 with the addition of five new apps that can be used with the new Office 365 Home Premium.

Microsoft Office 2013 Launching Officially This Week

office2013_logo.jpg Having been available through beta, enterprise releases and free upgrade offers, the latest collection of Office 2013 products from Microsoft becomes generally available this week with a launch party announced for Tuesday in New York. 

Microsoft Office 2013 Pricing Emerges, Some Business Users Can Bring It Home

It’s still not clear when exactly Microsoft is going to release Office 2013, but at this point the leaks are so prolific, it may as well make a clean breast of it. In the last few days alone, more about the pricing has been ‘leaked’, and now word that some home users will also be able to get their hands on the new suite.

Microsoft Extends Office 2013 Localization, Aims For Productivity Suite Dominance

Still no official date for the full release of Office 2013, but Microsoft has really been building up a head of steam. Last month, it announced it was making it available to business users in volume with home users to follow this quarter. And now, it has just announced that it has localized it into three more languages, with interface packs for 13 more.

US$250,000: That's What Microsoft Paid a University to Use Office 365

Office 365 officially hit the cloud last week, so are organizations rushing to use it? It's hard to say, but if Microsoft is paying someone to migrate to it, does that tell us something?

Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Google’s Marketplace Puts Everything in the Cloud

So, the announement of the Google Marketplace was a pretty big deal, wouldn’t you say?

The excitement revolving around the new development goes to show how ready and willing most of us are to pack up and move to the cloud, and the Google brand is obviously going to play a major part in getting us there. v3.2 is Fast, Secure and MS Office-Friendly v3.2 is Fast, Secure and MS (news, site) – an open source alternative to Microsoft Office – is now out with version 3.2, boasting faster startup times and Office 2007 compatibility.  

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