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Document Mgt Roll-up: Boston Snubs Microsoft, Adobe Closing Workspaces

It’s slow in the document management space after the holidays, but there are still some notable points — including the fact the City of Boston has turned to Google and away from Microsoft. Meanwhile, Adobe is shutting down Workspaces, Dell and PSIGEN have formalized their partnership and Microsoft has announced some of the price plans for Power BI for Office 365.

Document Mgt Roll-up: OpenText's Improved Mobile Support for Document Capture

This week, there were a number of new partnerships and products. OpenText upgraded its document Capture Centre, Doculex upgraded WebSearch, Colligo and PSIGEN partnered for better iPad access, eFileCabinet improved its workflows and Citrix partnered with Results for better CRM.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Send Microsoft Files to Kindle, New Office Functionality for iPad

It’s been a mixed bag this week. Amazon has released an application that lets users send documents to Kindle, the CloudOn app enables users to create and edit Office documents on iPad, SAP expands in the education market, PSIGEN pushes into Asia Pacific while Due Diligence extends the scope of V-Rooms.

Document Mgt Roll-up: IBM Domino Migrations, Microsoft Dynamics With Office 365

This week, IBM’s Domino migrations get easier with the release of DLItools’ Docova v3, Microsoft and Equisys team to integrate Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 with Office 365, Gartner takes a look at enterprise CMS vendors in its Magic Quadrant and ShareMethods upgrades document sharing, while PSIGEN and Nintex partner.

Document Mgt Roll-up: BPOS to Office 365 Migrations, PSIGEN Links SharePoint Data and Docs

This week, Microsoft warns against shifting from BPOS to Office 365 off you own bat, Recommind introduces collaborative and mobile email management, PSIGEN links data and documents in SharePoint, ICG upgrades its redaction software and NextDocs gets a big slice of Series A financing.

Document Mgt Roll-up: LibreOffice to Offer Enterprise Release, Where Is Google Docs Going?

This week, only a couple of weeks after upgrading its document management software, Nuxeo offers digital signatures, LibreOffice schedules an enterprise release for August, Google Docs outlines medium terms projects, PSIGEN offers more for SharePoint and Primadesk provides document search wherever your documents are stored.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Capture for SharePoint 2010, Google Docs New File Types

This week, there has been a lot of movement in the document capture and viewing space, with new capture functionality for SharePoint 2010 offered by CSI and extended viewing capabilities offered with Google Docs. PSIGEN also upgrades its capture capabilities, while Motive continues to expand its cloud-based document management system.

Document Management Roll-up: Hyland Takes SaaS OnBase Worldwide, Office for Mac Goes to RTM

Back in the full swing of things this week with Hyland Software outlining its plans to take OnBase worldwide and Office 2011 for Mac finally going to RTM. Xerox has also launched its rebranding campaign, while PSIGEN extends the reach of its document capture software.

SharePoint 2007 Gets Integrated Document Capture

Every company likes to save something special for their annual convention, and IRIS (news, site) is no exception. One of the releases that caught our attention was the upgrade to IRISPowerscan, which comes with a built-in connector to SharePoint 2007 and a wizard for capturing and managing documents.

Atalasoft Releases Vizit SP 2.0 With Visual SharePoint Search

Atalasoft Enhances Its Web-Based Document Imaging Software  The latest upgrade to Atalasoft’s (news, site) Vizit SP adds badly needed search abilities to the integrated document viewer that will enable users search, find and preview SharePoint documents from the Vizit SP 2.0 user interface.

PSI:Capture 3.6 Offers SharePoint Migration, Fax and Image Archiving

PSI:Capture 3.6 Offers SharePoint Migration, Fax and Image Archiving PSIGEN Software (news, site) continues it development of PSI:Capture with the release of v3.6, which, like previous upgrades, adds a couple of more small improvements that should make things a bit easier for all concerned.

This time they have focused on improving the abilities of v3.6 to archive fax images automatically as well as additional enhancements to their Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) software. And again, they have also spruced-up their SharePoint migration abilities.

PSIGEN, Atalasoft Offer SharePoint Document Management Bundle

PSIGEN, Atalasoft Offer SharePoint Document Management Bundle Earlier this summer, PSIGEN Software (news, site)  and Atalasoft (news, site) announced that they were coming together to provide an image capture solution for SharePoint. There was a lot of cheering at the time as they said the combination of advanced capture and viewing technology would provide an affordable, feature rich option to a market with few alternatives.

Since then not a lot has been said about it -- until yesterday at the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas when the companies jointly announced the release of the SharePoint Document Management bundle consisting of Atalasoft’s Vizit SP and PSIGEN’s PSI:Capture.

Intelligent Redaction Added to PSI:Capture Suite

Intelligent Redaction Added to PSI:Capture SuiteIt's a common requirement for many organizations -- the ability to mask certain data in scanned documents so that it can't be seen by the wrong the people (or people who just don't need to see it).

PSIGEN (news, site) has updated its document scanning and capture suite, PSI:Capture, with that ability through the addition of Intelligent redaction.

A new feature in PSI:Capture 3.5.2, the system can be configured to automatically scan for confidential information such as a social security number or a credit card number and redact it (black it out). You can also create template for common documents that will automatically redact certain information.

While automated redaction is the optimal approach, manual redaction is also available.

Intelligent redaction is just the latest enhancement to the PSI:Capture product. Also included is SharePoint WebDav folder monitoring, advanced data extraction and triggered image processing.

As one of a number of document scanning and capture solutions specialized for SharePoint, PSI:Capture has all the features required to keep an organization compliant and their content secure.

Advanced Data Extraction Added to PSI: Capture DMS

Advanced Data Extraction Added to PSI: Capture DMS California-based Psigen Software (news, site) has just announced that it has added an Advanced Data Extraction module to its document management system DMS PSI: Capture as part of v3.5.2.

This new addition will give Capture the ability to parse, scan and extract information from all kinds of documents without any end-user intervention.

While Psigen says that this will be part of v3.5.2 of their DMS, it doesn’t say whether it is this feature that bumps it up a point from v3.5.1, or whether there are other elements combined that will do that.

While the question may be academic, it is of some interest as the rate with which Psigen is developing this product is noteworthy in a market that is bursting with new solutions and new releases.

Psigen itself has been flirting outrageously with SharePoint and has made no secret of its designs on the Microsoft beauty.

In June, for example, it underwent a SharePoint makeover by thoughtfully offering a SharePoint Lookup Provider (SLP) which provides integration with the SharePoint Database and seemingly allows for a jazzed up automation process when scanning and capturing documents destined for Document Libraries.

However, it is also playing the field like any other 14-year-old (company) would be expected to and in July offered FileBound, a similar solution and services.

It's hard to know where all of this is going to end up, but in an industry sector where only the fittest will survive, its practically certain Psigen is already checking out the talent for its next conquest.

Partnership Extends SharePoint Image Management Functions

Partnership Extends SharePoint Image Management Functions That Psigen Software (news, site), a fourteen year old company that has focused on “perfect, simple imaging”, and Atalasoft (news, site), a provider of scanning and imaging technologies have gotten together is no real surprise given Pisgens’s recent form.

Psigen is mostly known for its capture solution for SharePoint -- PSI:Capture -- and has been busy using it to fill one of the holes in the SharePoint platform, notably its ability, or lack thereof, to provide a decent document image capture function.

Atalasoft’s crown jewel is the sophisticated, but user-friendly, image viewer VizitSP that adds viewing, cleanup, classification and annotation abilities to even the poorest system.

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