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The Top Business, Social and Media Mobile Apps of 2012

From the hundreds of thousands of apps across the spectrum of devices, what have you been downloading and using on your smartphone most this year? CMSWire takes a look at those that have appealed most to us. 


ThisNext Introduces Glossi, a New Digital Publishing Platform

Social commerce company, ThisNext has released the public, beta version of their digital publishing platform: Glossi.

Quark Launches Revamped App Studio Platform for Publishing Mobile Apps

Following up on an announcement made earlier this fall, Quark is expanding its App Studio into a cloud-based platform that uses HTML5 to create interactive apps from pre-existing content.

Quark Unveils HTML5 Based Digital Publishing with Latest App Studio

With HTML5 all the rage, Quark has announced that the next generation of its App Studio will enable cloud-based, HTML5-based app development for Apple and Android mobile devices, or for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Quark Releases Integrated Publishing Platform

quark-logo.JPGWeb publishing provider Quark is releasing an integrated enterprise publishing platform designed to automate the creation and delivery of rich content.

Quark Releases DesignPad for iPad

On Wednesday, Quark announced a preview release of its DesignPad app for grid-based design on an iPad.

Quark Seeks to Expand Digital Publishing with Mobile IQ Purchase

Thumbnail image for quark-logo.JPG Publishing software provider Quark looks to expand its enterprise digital publishing solution set with the purchase of Mobile IQ, a vendor of cloud-based digital publishing apps for smartphones and tablets.

Recession Relief: New Job Openings at Adobe, Facebook, Quark, Hannon Hill and OpenText

If it's time for a change, we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our bi-weekly featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your job openings here).

Quark Releases App Studio with QuarkExpress 9.1, Create Branded Apps for iPad

Smartphone and tablet applications are becoming a popular means of distributing content. While organizations can design and develop apps from scratch, this can be costly and time-consuming, considering the programming expertise required. The latest release of QuarkXPress simplifies the process of creating branded applications for the iPad, with built-in Quark App Studio.

Web Publishing: Quark Sold to Platinum Equity, Details Guarded

Quark Software, Inc., the 30 year-old desktop and multi-channel web publishing stalwart, and competitor of Adobe Systems, has been acquired by a California-based private equity firm. Details of the deal have been kept close to the vest, and management outlook is optimistic.

Quark Releases XML Author 4.0 for Microsoft Word, Enhances Publishing Process

quark_logo bigsmall.jpgFor Microsoft Word users, publishing just got a little easier. Quark released Quark XML Author 4.0 for Microsoft Word, which allows users to more easily create structured XML content. It’s no secret that most content gets created in Word, so it’s only fitting that now you can intelligently create and publish with it, too.

DAM Lowdown: Celum News, KIT Digital News, More WCM/DAM Convergence, Quick Hits

The Memorial Day holiday here in the States stretched into a week for the DAM Lowdown, but have no fear. We are back with: Two News Items Apiece for DAM Lowdown Regulars celum and KIT Digital, an Update to the DAM Vendor Tracking Spreadsheet, an Introduction to XMP, the Lines Between WCM and DAM Continue to Blur and Quick Hits.

QuarkXPress Server Revs Up to Match Desktop

quark_logo_2009.jpg Has it really been two months since QuarkXPress 9 came out? You know what they say, one good desktop product deserves a server version. Or something like that. Nerdy cliches aside, Quark (news, site) is back in the news with the release of QuarkXPress Server 9.

QuarkXPress 9 Highlights Mobile Device-Specific Publishing Features

The popularity of smartphones and tablet computers has made mobile content distribution a viable means of reaching out to wider audiences. App stores are gaining traction as a content distribution model. With Quark's (news, site) latest QuarkXPress release, publishers can expect better access to varied mediums, including Web, smartphones, tablets and e-book readers.

SharePoint 2010 Offers Dynamic Publishing with Quark Integration

Quark + SharePoint = New Multi-Channel Publishing Solution  It was October last year when Quark (newssite) and Microsoft announced their new partnership to bring dynamic publishing to Microsoft SharePoint  (newssite). Today, they take it a step further letting us that this integration will work for SharePoint 2010.

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