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Spread a Positive Brand Message Via Social Media Influencers #rdm12

Whether you are operating in a B2C or B2B channel, the odds are your customers no longer look to you as a primary source of information about your products and services. Instead, they look to social media to find “other people” to tell them about your brand. You need to identify and connect with these “other people” to help ensure they are saying the right things.

CXM: Meeting the Buyer with Data #rdm12

Buyer behavior patterns are changing as a result of their access to increased data, and marketers must use the same trove of new information to meet them halfway. This was the main message of “Marketing and Sales Intelligence: Using Data to Meet the Buyer,” a session at the Revenue-Driven Marketing Summit hosted by Aberdeen Group in Boston, MA on Thursday, Oct. 18.

The Dos and Don'ts of Marketing Automation #rdm12

In a panel discussion at today’s Revenue-Driven Marketing Summit hosted by Aberdeen Group in Boston, MA, “Unlocking the Secrets of Marketing Automation Success,” four marketing executives with experience in successfully deploying marketing automation technology shared their experiences and offered some first-hand advice on what to do and not to do when introducing marketing automation to your organization.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Funnel #rdm12

The impact changes in the consumer marketplace and technology are having on the marketing funnel and how marketers can adapt were major themes in early sessions of the Revenue Driven Marketing Summit hosted by Aberdeen Group in Boston, MA.

Customer Experience: Following the Crowd #rdm12

From an early age, most of us are taught not to “follow the crowd,” but instead to chart our own path. However, when it comes to sales and marketing, following the crowd can produce impressive results

Keeping Your Marketing Customer-Centric #rdm12

As the world moves from a product-centric economy to a customer-centric economy, marketers must move in tandem to ensure the customer experience is always at the heart of their efforts. Tim Gilbert, Chief Marketing Officer of Campus Management, a provider of enterprise software for the higher education industry, addressed this issue during a session at today’s Revenue-Driven Marketing Summit
held by Aberdeen Group in Boston, MA.

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