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Readdle News & Analysis

Readdle's Documents Offers File Management, Cloud Connections for iPad

Chances are that if you are storing documents across a variety of storage services, your iPad is jammed with a bunch of different apps to give access to those documents. Readdle, which specializes in producing apps for the iPad, thinks it can clean your iPad up with its Documents release, an app that will provide access from a single place.

Readdle App Gives Tablets Pen-Based Productivity Boost

At CES this year, one major trend is the shifting tablet scope toward pen computing. This term once sent shudders down the spine of any product development team, as "Pen Computing" was equated with handwriting recognition and that was spelled doom for early products such as the Apple Newton that used a pen, not touch, as the primary input. Now iPad Apps software maker Readdle wants to move back to the pen with its release of the new Remarks software that targets handwriting capture, note taking and PDF annotation.

Web Publishing Roll-up: Giving Back to Children, Going Places with Google

This week, we look at how web publishing can help children and Google's new push for the ad dollars of local businesses.

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