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The Marketing Cloud Battleground Isn't Quite Set

customer experience, Is the Marketing Cloud Battleground Not Quite Set?

It’s SAP’s turn to go fishing for marketing software.

“SAP really needs to step it up on the marketing side of things,” Ian Michiels, principal and CEO of Pleasanton, Calif.-based Gleanster Research, told CMSWire yesterday as SAP announced it acquired behavioral marketing cloud provider SeeWhy

“Both Adobe and Oracle have extremely compelling stories to tell, but they are largely just stories,” Michiels added. “Only a handful of clients, if any, are using comprehensive suite offerings."

Time is a Luxury Marketers Lack #adobesummit

Although many marketers still act as if they can take their time in sending promotions to and interacting with customers, time is a luxury modern marketers no longer have. As explained by Charlene Li, Managing Partner, Altimeter Group during the recent Adobe Summit 2013, we are fully in the age of real-time marketing.

Real-Time Marketing: Done Well, It's Engaging, But Done Wrong...

Real-time marketing looks to revolutionize the digital marketing industry by increasing engagement. What exactly is it? And can you do it wrong?Take a lesson from the Oscars -- you can.

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