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Reality Digital News & Analysis

A Self-Service Social Media Platform For SMBs

Reality Digital Launches 'Harmony' Social Media PlatformWhen CMSWire spoke with Reality Digital on the state of social media and SaaS-based solutions, CEO Cynthia Francis hinted that big news was coming in the near future. Well that future has arrived in the form of a self-service white-label social media platform for the small to mid-sized business called Reality Digital Harmony.

Why SaaS and Social Media Are Thriving

Reality Digital - SaaS is ThrivingThere are many ways for an organization to save money in these troubled times (yes, we will mention the bad economy yet again). They can cut spending on marketing for one.  The problem is, this is the time when money spent on marketing is probably more critical than ever. You just have to spend the money in the right place.

According to Reality Digital CEO Cynthia Francis, social media is the right place to spend those marketing dollars and she says their SaaS solution will give you much more bang for your buck.

Reality Digital: Social Media and SaaS are Thriving

Reality Digital Growth and Expansion Across the Ocean

If you need more evidence that social media and SaaS are thriving despite these tough economic times, Reality Digital can provide it.

The SaaS social media platform provider has announced that due to the growth of the web video and social media market, they have had to make big changes to their company — sales, marketing, distribution, product development, and a brand spanking new office in the U.K.

Reality Digital: User Participation Key to Social Media Marketing

Reality Digital, User Generated Content, SaaS DAM solutions, social media marketing

Organizations today understand that a key focus of their marketing activities must be in the social media arena. If they are really smart, they also recognize that user participation is key to successful social media marketing. And what do users like to contribute? Text, video, audio and all the rating, tagging and commenting that goes along with it.

Who better to help these organizations support their social media marketing activities than SaaS User Participation Platform provider Reality Digital? This is a company that not only has the technical experience to create a social media platform with a strong Digital Asset Management backbone, but also has the marketing savvy to understand the key to social media marketing is a combination of user generated and professionally published content.

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