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Records Management News & Analysis

GRC Roll-up: CrownPeak Gets Governance; Records Management for SharePoint

This week in GRC, CrownPeak and Magus team up for SaaS Web Content Management system governance, Socialware picks up US$ 7 million in Series C funding, DocuWare v5.1 gets FDA certification renewed and McAfee goes mobile with Sony. Also this week, we took a look at records management for SharePoint again.

Why Enterprise Content Management and Google Docs Are Not the Same

Recently, Alan Weintraub of Forrester Research published a paper in which he posed an interesting question: Can Google solve your ECM needs? Let's have a look.

Using a Broad Brush to Paint Your Records Management Strategy #SPSTCDC

spstc_logo.gifHow many of our records management processes are based on something that was relevant in a paper-based world? As the enterprise evolves, we need to start developing processes that are based on the world in which we currently live -- which, thankfully, is not paper-based. John Mancini, President of AIIM, taught us how to Think More Broadly about SharePoint: Bridging the Gap Between Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement during SharePoint Saturday.

Why You Need a Records Management Foundation for SharePoint

When it comes to enterprise compliance and records management (GRC), collaboration isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. In fact, "collaborative records management" sounds like a compliance nightmare. This is precisely why you need a good records management foundation, before moving into social business.

Developing an Information Management Strategy for SharePoint

In this, the month of everything SharePoint at CMSWire, we’ve started looking at SharePoint in some detail and with some interesting results. Last week, Jed Cawthorne, a Senior Strategy Consultant for enterprise content management, looked at uses for SharePoint. Here we will look at some of the challenges with deployments in the enterprise.

GRC Roll-up: Daegis Preserves Lotus Notes Application Data, Office 365 Gets Archiving

It has also been busy this week in the GRC space. For Lotus Notes, Daegis has announced functionality on its e-Discovery platform that enables enterprises to preserve collaborative application data throughout the e-Discovery process, Iron Mountain and GimmalSoft get together for SharePoint 2010 records management, there’s new archiving abilities for Office 365, OpenPeak secures Android, and BIA offers e-Discovery on iPads and iPhones.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan & ISO 15489: Disaster Preparation & Recovery

ISO 15489 barely mentions disaster preparation and recovery outright. In fact, the most extensive statement on this topic in ISO 15489 appears in the Technical Report (Part Two): "Risk management also involves development of a disaster recovery plan that defines an organized and prioritized response to the disaster, planning for the continuance of regular business operations during the disaster and making appropriate plans for recovery after the disaster.”

If you blink, you’ll miss it. Perhaps we Records folk aren’t as comfortable with the topic as we should be. So, let’s take a step back to refresh ourselves.

Iron Mountain, GimmalSoft Agree to Extend SharePoint 2010 Records Management

For those who are not happy with the records management functionality of SharePoint 2010, the latest partnership between Iron Mountain (news, site) and GimmalSoft (news, site) will be welcome as the companies are getting together to develop a means of managing both physical documents and electronic files for SP 2010.

New Standards Activity for Enterprise Content and Records Management

This month have been quite productive in the world of a content management standards development. The European Commission sponsored Document Lifecycle Management (DLM) Forum launched the MoReq2010 Technical Committee to address the new European record management (RM) specification and an XML schema for interoperability between RM systems. In addition, the British Standards Institute (BSI) also announced their new standard for enterprise content management best practices was available for public comment.

SharePoint 2010 Used Mainly for Collaboration; Enterprise Content Management to Grow, AIIM Says

Like many, we have been following the evolution of SharePoint 2010 since its general release last year. Anecdotal accounts suggest widespread deployment and use across enterprises with further deployments on the way. A little over a year later, we still wonder whether it has lived up to its initial promise and what exactly it is being used for at the moment and where it will go in the future.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google Backs LibreOffice, SharePoint's Records Management Traction

This week, with some of the dust beginning to settle on Oracle’s OpenOffice decision, Google is backing LibreOffice with advice and funding, SharePoint seems to be gaining ground in records management, Nuance closes the Equitrac deal, we took a look at document management on-premise or as an SaaS and Office 365 may be on the way.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan and ISO 15489: The Objectives

Last time, I introduced the SharePoint 2010 Records Governance Plan to you. Today we continue the plan with the objectives section -- answering the question, “what are we trying to accomplish through our SharePoint 2010 implementation?”

Information Management: 5 Business Process Issues that Enterprises Need to Fix

While the sight of a business manager bristling with indignation over “inefficiencies” in the enterprise is a common one, and one of the accepted methods of increasing productivity is better business processes, research published by Iron Mountain would seem to suggest that, from an IT perspective, a good deal of the problem lies with institutionalized inertia rather that with particular products or workforce segments.

Exterro's Fusion Zeta Brings Data Management into the EDRM Process

zeta_logo.jpgNeed an e-Discovery solution that reflects perspectives of both the IT and legal departments? The search may be over. Today, Exterro released a new data management layer for its integrated solution suite. Fusion Zeta is an automated, easy-to-administer application designed to handle in-place early case assessment, preservation, collection and analysis. But perhaps most importantly, it gives legal teams 360-degree access into the entire e-discovery process, while eliminating the chaos of manual processes.

Informative Graphics Introduces Privacy Apps for SharePoint 2010

Informative Graphics_logo_2010.jpgThanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), HIPAA, SOX and other regulatory controls, protecting access to sensitive personal information or national security information continues to be of significant importance to all companies, especially those within highly regulated industries.

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