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Records Management News & Analysis

Information Management: Findings from the Digital Records Forensics Project #SAA11

At the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual Meeting, one of the discussions focused on electronic discovery and the context of electronic records in the workplace.

Information Management: How a Solid Preservation Plan Can Cure Insomnia #saa11

The Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual Meeting continued the second day with a focus on interdisciplinary teams and long-term preservation planning.

The Future Is Now: New Tools to Address Archival Challenges #saa11

The 75th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) conference offered insights on new tools that address archival challenges. Here's a look.

A Week in Google: Throwing Away Old Social Acquisitions, Gaining Records Mgmt & Infinite Scrolling

This week in Google world the Internet giant signaled its satisfaction with Plus by trimming away some of the fat. That is, it started tossing the old social acquisitions that didn't lead anywhere. At the same time, Google users gained a records management perk, as well as a bit more of that whole infinite scrolling thing. 

What Happens After 'Here Comes Everybody': An Examination of Participatory Archives #saa11

The 75th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) kicked off its three-day conference in the organization’s “Sweet Home”-town of Chicago.

Gmail Gets Records Management with RecMan

CMSWire recently looked at why Google Docs is not Enterprise CMS. We did note at the time, that the on-going development of both native and 3rd party functionality was shifting its shape. The most recent of these additions brings certified records management functionality to Gmail and Google Docs.

HP, Autonomy: Information Management, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Money

There has been speculation over the past five days as to the significance of HP’s announcement that it intends to buy UK-based Autonomy for US$ 10.7 billion. Questions over the wisdom of the deal are rife, but ultimately, the answer to the general question as to what it is all about was provided by HP CEO Léo Apotheker in the initial announcement.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan and ISO 15489: Taxonomies & Folksonomies

I find Microsoft’s advice regarding how to properly assemble a taxonomy somewhat nonsensical, but it’s because I love the Records and Information Management standard ISO 15489 so much. As you write your SharePoint 2010 Records Governance Plan, I recommend you consider the following.

GRC Roll-up: CrownPeak Gets Governance; Records Management for SharePoint

This week in GRC, CrownPeak and Magus team up for SaaS Web Content Management system governance, Socialware picks up US$ 7 million in Series C funding, DocuWare v5.1 gets FDA certification renewed and McAfee goes mobile with Sony. Also this week, we took a look at records management for SharePoint again.

Why Enterprise Content Management and Google Docs Are Not the Same

Recently, Alan Weintraub of Forrester Research published a paper in which he posed an interesting question: Can Google solve your ECM needs? Let's have a look.

Using a Broad Brush to Paint Your Records Management Strategy #SPSTCDC

spstc_logo.gifHow many of our records management processes are based on something that was relevant in a paper-based world? As the enterprise evolves, we need to start developing processes that are based on the world in which we currently live -- which, thankfully, is not paper-based. John Mancini, President of AIIM, taught us how to Think More Broadly about SharePoint: Bridging the Gap Between Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement during SharePoint Saturday.

Why You Need a Records Management Foundation for SharePoint

When it comes to enterprise compliance and records management (GRC), collaboration isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. In fact, "collaborative records management" sounds like a compliance nightmare. This is precisely why you need a good records management foundation, before moving into social business.

Developing an Information Management Strategy for SharePoint

In this, the month of everything SharePoint at CMSWire, we’ve started looking at SharePoint in some detail and with some interesting results. Last week, Jed Cawthorne, a Senior Strategy Consultant for enterprise content management, looked at uses for SharePoint. Here we will look at some of the challenges with deployments in the enterprise.

GRC Roll-up: Daegis Preserves Lotus Notes Application Data, Office 365 Gets Archiving

It has also been busy this week in the GRC space. For Lotus Notes, Daegis has announced functionality on its e-Discovery platform that enables enterprises to preserve collaborative application data throughout the e-Discovery process, Iron Mountain and GimmalSoft get together for SharePoint 2010 records management, there’s new archiving abilities for Office 365, OpenPeak secures Android, and BIA offers e-Discovery on iPads and iPhones.

Your SharePoint Records Governance Plan & ISO 15489: Disaster Preparation & Recovery

ISO 15489 barely mentions disaster preparation and recovery outright. In fact, the most extensive statement on this topic in ISO 15489 appears in the Technical Report (Part Two): "Risk management also involves development of a disaster recovery plan that defines an organized and prioritized response to the disaster, planning for the continuance of regular business operations during the disaster and making appropriate plans for recovery after the disaster.”

If you blink, you’ll miss it. Perhaps we Records folk aren’t as comfortable with the topic as we should be. So, let’s take a step back to refresh ourselves.

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