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The Intersection of Content Management and Social Business #Alfresco DevCon

alfresco-devcon-header.pngHow do you relate to a packed room of developers? Talk about Monty Python and the Holy Grail, of course. And that’s exactly what John Powel, CEO of Alfresco did. By comparing the Brave Knights to content application developers, he articulated companies’ ongoing need to penetrate impenetrable fortresses.

Autonomy Bounces Back, US Acquisition Still in the Works

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg Following the market trading of October 6th, there has been some concern about the fate of Autonomy (news, site) when its shares plummeted by 16%, raising speculation that it would fall prey to one of the many predators out on the market at this time.

However, with the release of its Q3 figures, which show a rise of 10% in revenues, compared to the same quarter last year, to US$ 211 million and confirmation that a major acquisition will be announced this fall, the future looks brighter than some analysts were predicting earlier this month.

Document Management Roll-up: Acrobat Integrates SharePoint, Gov Wastes US$ 15.4 Billion on Search

It’s been a veritable document management feast this week with new releases from Adobe for better PDF use, Cabinet NG upgrading its CNG-WEB, tweeting for records management and Microsoft upgrading its for Facebook. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam just keeps wasting money through pointless searches. In fact, across all releases this week, the common theme seems to be effective document search.

Information Governance Framework Key for Backup and e-Discovery

commvault_logo_2010.jpgCommVault (newssite) unveils a complete redesign of its Simpana software, offering improved access and retention to your enterprise's vital data.

Varonis Offers Exchange Email Audit and Tracking

varonis_logo_2010.jpg Varonis (news, site)  has been dealing with unstructured data for a long time, so the extension of its DatAdvantage software to Microsoft Exchange is a logical move given the spread of Exchange deployments globally and the growing evidence that email management is still being neglected across most enterprises.

Interest in Records Management Rises, Email Still Badly Managed

Recently, we took a look at records management in SharePoint in which we cited research from AIIM that showed spending on records management is set for a major increase. That research has now been published and shows that while records management is a major concern for enterprises, the real bad boy in records management is email management.

GRC Roll-up: RSA Sees GRC Moving to Cloud, AIIM Outlines Records Management Concerns

This week RSA identifies a number of new trends that will increase the pressure on companies to look to the cloud for new GRC solutions. While security concerns have always been a concern in cloud deployments, there is no shortage of companies like Agiliance to offer solutions for this, while Applied Discovery has added document review to its hosted services.

Document Management Roll-up: IBM Offers Cloud BPM, Bye-Bye Office 2010 Beta

This week, IBM announced that it will be offering cloud-based business process management that will be able to manage everything from expenses to document approvals without any on-premise software. We also took at look at what SharePoint 2010 has to offer in records management, while Office 2010 beta gets ready to wrap-up.

Has Records Management in SharePoint 2010 Improved Enough?

With considerable anticipation and a blaze of publicity SharePoint 2010 was released in May. Included with it was new and improved records management functionality designed to fill SharePoint 2007’s weaknesses on this front.

Document Management Roll-up: IBM’s Quickr Is Extended, CloudPointe Joins On-Premise/Cloud DM

It’s a mixed bag of document management news this week. IBM’s Quickr document collaboration abilities have been extended by DOCVA, Adeptol upgrades its document viewer and Xerox doesn’t look like it’s going to neglect traditional print services despite recent rebranding efforts as a document management heavy weight.

Are you Keeping your ESI Policies Up to Date? Survey Says Maybe Not

krollontrack_logo.jpgAccording to a new survey, more companies than ever have a strategy to address electronically stored information (ESI) discovery, but may not know what it covers or when it was last updated to reflect new technologies. Whatever steps companies have taken to protect and find information are quickly undone by their inability to revisit their policies after they are developed.

GRC Roll-up: The National Archives Determines the Value of Social Media

This week we examine two conceptual issues: the inherent value of social media in records management and the components of corporate social responsibility.

IDC Highlights The Next Wave of Information Access Companies

IDC_logo_2010.jpgInformation access, if it isn't already a big issue for your business, is going to be massive as we approach data meltdown in the coming years, IDC names those who could save us.

SMB Tech Roll-up: Microsoft Offers Free SMB Security, Google Adds Records Management to Apps

Security is again on the radar with Microsoft offering micro-enterprises free copies of its Security Essentials solution, while Google says it is introducing compliant records management to Apps through software start-up RecMan. Meanwhile, research from Spiceworks shows SMB spending is on the rise.

SpringCM Raises US$15m, Commits To Channel Sales and Research

SpringCM_logo_2009.png For SpringCM (newssite), the latest in a string of upbeat announcements over the past year is that it has successfully raised another round of financing, to the tune of US $ 15 million, for the development of its cloud platform.

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