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Records Management News & Analysis

Open Text Offers Full Service SharePoint 2010 Implementations

Open Text Offers Full Service SharePoint 2010 ImplementationsOpen Text (newssite) has been offering a number of SharePoint based solutions and services for a while now. But thanks to their recent acquisition of Burntsand, they now have a full end-to-end implementation service offering for SharePoint 2010.

Open Text Offers Document Collaboration with Social Workplace

open text_logo_2009.jpg Earlier this week we said we’d come back and have a deeper look at Open Text and the announcement that it has released key integrations between its eDocs Edition document management software and its Social Workplace software. Here's a closer look.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Unveils Risk Management Platform, Open Text Adds Legal Social Media

This week from a GRC perspective was always going to be about announcements from the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) conference in Las Vegas that runs until tomorrow. Nearly everyone is there including Autonomy, Open Text, IBM and Recommind. But there are others too and we’ll catch up with them next week.

Clearwell Provides Non-Linear Review, Wants to Streamline eDiscovery Workflows


Streamlining workflows is all the rage these days when it comes to eDiscovery. Clearwell’s new Review Module is no exception. It lets users simplify the process of reviewing data by not confining it to one tool at a time.

Measuring eDiscovery Software Performance

Companies face many challenges when it comes to choosing the eDiscovery platform that is right for them. Price, productivity and accuracy are all factors in their decision. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to effectively compare platforms and solutions against each other?

GRC Roll-up: FaceTime Secures Social Networks, HP Buys Security Vendor Fortify

Seems security has been high on everyone’s list of priorities this week with FaceTime releasing its Socialite software to secure social networks, and HP buying Fortify to add application security at the blueprint stage. Not surprising though, after recent research from Gartner showing security software is a priority for enterprises.

#saa10: Archival Preservation Environment Isn't Just a Bit of Storage

The annual joint meeting of the Council of State Archives (CoSA), the National Association of Government Records Administrators and Archives (NAGARA), and the Society of American Archivists (SAA) continued in DC today as a fortunate audience previewed the interface of the Distributed Custodial Archival Preservation Environments (DCAPE) Project.

E-Discovery and Records Professionals: Overcoming the Digital Tsunami #saa10

With the expected explosion of email alone in the next 6 years, there needs to be a better way to perform discovery than keyword searches. The answer may be in visual analysis.

#saa10: The Cloud - Opportunity or Risk for Records Managers?

In an era in which the top 10 metropolitan cities lack the budget to create disaster recovery plans for its email systems, storage in the cloud is tempting.

#saa10: Is Structured Data Essential for Effective Archival and Discovery?

The Annual Joint Meeting of the Council of State Archives (CoSA), the National Association of Government Records Administrators and Archives (NAGARA), and the Society of American Archivists (SAA) kicked off this morning.

Attendance and visibility may have been reduced the first day, but clarity of vision was not. The first breakout session focused on the effectiveness of structured data.

Document Management Roll-up: Mac Office Gets Localized, Doculex Announces DM Services

It may be summer and the middle of what newspapers call the silly season, but there is still a constant trickle of new document management releases. Amongst this week’s highlights are more details on the Mac Office release in October, while Doculex announces the availability of new document management services. Laserfiche and SharePoint also got officially DoD certified.

Laserfiche, SharePoint 2010: Official DoD 5015.2 Certification

Laserfiche, SharePoint 2010: Official DoD 5051.2 Certification It’s been in the air for a few weeks but now it’s official. Laserfiche has been awarded DoD 5015.2 for its integration with SharePoint 2010.

GRC Roll-up: Web 2.0 Apps Threaten Systems, SharePoint Gets New GRC Offerings

This week new research from Check Point, carried out by the Ponemon Institute shows that many systems administrators get very jumpy when enterprise users try to deploy Web 2.0 apps, believing that the apps will expose systems to outside interference. Some GRC attention with a new partnership.

Tools for Understanding and Ensuring Records Management Best Practices

AIIM (news, site) posed an interesting question: Have you (really) embraced Electronic Records Management (ERM), or are you still stuck in the age of paper management?

Judging by a recent personal experience when visiting a local government office, ERM has long ways to go and AIIM's 2010 Records Management toolkit might just be that guiding star.

Smarsh Offers Resources for Social Media Compliance

smarsh logo.png

As more and more financial advisers wade into social media, the seas are still uncharted. There are still risks associated with combining the financial and social media industries.

Though many businesses are still resistant to engage via social media platforms, research has shown that if done correctly, the results can be beneficial.

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