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Records Management News & Analysis

Bridgeway Software Launches Legal Hold 3.0


Six months ago Bridgeway Software released an update to their legal hold solution. Inspired by their conversations with customers, new features were added.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Speeds e-Discovery, Compliant Social Media from LiveOffice

This week is dominated by e-Discovery with the release of new software from Autonomy that the company says will dramatically cut times and costs in legal review, while IBM and PSS Systems integrate for better legal hold. Social media and compliance is also the target of a new release from LiveOffice.

GRC Roll-up: SharePoint May Create Compliance Issues, IBM Adds Compliance with BixFix

With all the raz-ma-taz around the release of SharePoint in May, and the rush to SharePoint deployments, many enterprises forgot to ask themselves whether they should deploy it. There are also possible GRC issues for open source GPL licenses, new research shows.

Autonomy Closes CA Deal, Integrates IDOL with Message Manager

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg You could never accuse Autonomy (news, site) of letting the grass grow under its feet. Only a month after it announced it was buying CA’s (news, site) information governance business, it has closed the deal despite indications at the time that this would take some months. And it has already integrated its IDOL search platform into what was CA’s Message Manager.

Document Management Roll-up: New Mobile Office Suite, SharePoint 2010 Gets DoD 5015.2 Certified

Long weekends are usually short on news, but not this time. Over the past few days, a new suite of mobile Office applications has just been unveiled, while SharePoint is not the only software to get records management, with IBM’s Lotus Domino platform getting a little records management love too.

Laserfiche, Microsoft Provide SharePoint 2010 DoD 5015.2 Certification

Laserfiche Adds FileTek’s Trusted Edge Email Archiving To ECMLaserfiche (newssite) has become the first Microsoft Partner to achieve joint DoD 5015.2 certification for its integration with SharePoint 2010.

GRC Roll-up: Google Steps Up Chrome Security, Data Theft in Social Media

If you were always worried about the plug-ins you use and the security threat they might pose, Google seems to agree and has just announced that it is going to limit certain plug-ins with its Chrome browser. Social Media also poses a security threat according to the Ponemon Institute.

Document Management Roll-up: Dynamics CRM Gets DM, Colligo Upgrades SharePoint Contributor

This week, Microsoft’s Dynamic’s CRM gets new document management functionality from Motive’s M-Files, while Google Docs now supports Microsoft Word. Document capture specialist ABBY’s new Recognition Server tackles mass document capture.

ASG Records Manager Supports High Volume Environments

ASG_150x125.gifWhen one thinks of advanced electronic records management, what comes to mind? High volume simplification? Indexing and search capabilities? Automated management? If so, then ASG Software Solutions (news, site), a worldwide leader in business solutions for global enterprises, would like you to meet their new Records Manager.

EMC SourceOne Addresses Unstructured Content With New Products

Since EMC launched its SourceOne family, a suite of archiving, e-Discovery and compliance solutions, in April 2009, the family has been constantly growing. First they focused on email management. Now, they’re introducing two new members, SourceOne File Intelligence and File Systems. Both products are focused on addressing unstructured content.

Enterprise 2.0 Can Make Us Inefficient: Use in Moderation

Since technology, from the printing press to the mobile phone, has entered our lives, there has been someone to remind us that it is slowly ruining it, especially when it comes to Enterprise 2.0.


Open Text, SAP Add HR Records Management To Reseller Agreement

open text_logo_2009.jpg The strategic partnership between Open Text (news, site) and SAP (news, site) seems more like a marriage then a partnership by virtue of the amount of agreements they have made. The latest is the expansion of the reseller agreement that will now include employee file management capabilities.

GRC Roll-up: Symantec Offers Mobile Security, Iron Mountain Pushes NearPoint

This week there has been a whole spate of new releases in the world of GRC, most of which -- unsurprisingly -- have been focused on better security. There have also been a couple of acquisitions as well as increasing interest in services and cloud computing.

Week in Review: Autonomy Furthers IDOL-ization, Oracle Tries to Woo with ECM 11g

In the mornin' fog,
the evening breeze,
the cool, cool night...

(Soundtrack for this weekly review: John Lee Hooker, Frisco Blues)

Greetings from San Francisco, where there's barely any content management rush (or any rush, for that matter), but the fog, the breeze and the air filled with the freedom-loving spirit of start-ups. Lean agility is something that the big ECM kahunas could learn from start-ups.

Is that an agile move to buy something that creates an even bigger overlap in the already simmering soup of information governance technologies? Yes, I am talking about Autonomy's decision to buy CA Records Manager and CA Message Manager that transpired earlier this week.

The importance of GRC in this day and age is quite clear. What is not clear is why Autonomy would want to "IDOL-ize" this records management and archiving bundle if they already have products for that job (including from previous acquisitions like Interwoven)? "IDOL-ization" is like a rite of passage that most companies acquired by Autonomy go through after they're integrated with the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) platform.

In other news, Oracle released the long-awaited ECM 11g. The biggest sales pitch? Unified content repository and "extreme" scalability. But not everyone is wooed. Some are wondering whether Oracle knows that "WCM & ECM are actually different things." Even some industry analysts are finding it difficult to decipher the actual capabilities and intentions of this monster truck of ECM.

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