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Records Management News & Analysis

Records and Information Management Top List of New Features in ImageNow 6.5

perceptive_logo_2010.jpg Maybe it’s a sign of the growing awareness across enterprises of the importance of records management, or maybe it’s just because they could, but for whatever reason Perceptive Software (news, site) has added an optional records management component that can be placed directly into its enterprise management content system ImageNow.

GRC Roll-up: Autonomy Assesses Social Media Risk, Symantec Continues Buying Spree

Social media was and will always create compliance headaches unless there is a way of monitoring its use. Autonomy has come up with a solution to do just that, while Laserfiche produces a governance framework for public sector workers.

Document Management Roll-up: AIIM Identifies DM Priorities, Androids Get Mobile PDF Support

While document management, and more generally enterprise content management, have made strides in the past year, many companies are still fighting to management their content. Oracle has improved its document management capabilities by upgrading Documaker for insurance.

5 Reasons Why SharePoint 2010 Will Revolutionize Your Organization

What if you can reduce cost and still provide the necessary tools to meet organizational needs? SharePoint 2010 (newssite) can do exactly that. 

GRC: An Introduction To Records Management

Recent events -- particularly in the financial services sector -- have increased the pressure on enterprise records management practitioners, as more and more companies face regulatory audits or litigation-related discovery requests. The idea of document management is easy for most people to understand. Records management, on the other hand, presents some conceptual challenges. Here's a primer.

Catch AIIM's ECM Roadshow Touring the U.K. in June

aiim_roadshow_2010.jpgAny British-based businesses looking for information on enterprise content solutions will find advice and solutions in their area thanks to Aiim's (news, site) road trip.

GRC Roll-up: Compliance Looses Out To BPM, Web Browsers Have Fingerprints

There’s always a lot to chew on in the AIIM annual State of the ECM Industry and from a compliance perspective this year is no different. While compliance is losing out to BPM as a adoption driver, we can’t seem to get enough of risk management solutions.

State of the ECM Industry 2010: Enterprises Still Battling Content Chaos

While figures from AIIM’s State of the ECM Industry 2010 report indicate that the management of content across enterprises is still, to a large extent, chaotic and disorganized, they also show that there has been a considerable improvement on last year, and that many enterprises have finally seen the writing on the repository walls.

GRC Roll-up: Google Privacy Concerns, Encrypting Federal Data

This week Google addressed the concerns about issues raised by information commissioners in ten different countries over privacy and Buzz, while data protection in federal agencies is also a concern.

SharePoint 2010 Review: The New 6 Pillars of SharePoint

SharePoint2010_logo_2009.jpg Millions of people across the globe are celebrating (or at least paying some degree of attention) as Microsoft rolls out the red carpet for the official launch of SharePoint 2010 (news, site) and Office 2010. There are a lot of changes in this latest version, much related to an improved user experience, some of it related to improved collaboration and business processes. 

Document Management Roll-up: Are DMS replacing ECMs? IBM Beefs Up BPM Solutions

There has been anecdotal evidence over the past 12 months that in some instances document management software is replacing enterprise content management systems. New research seems to bear that out. IBM has upgraded its business process management suite.

Document Management Roll-up: Microsoft Launches Facebook Docs, Google Bites Back

More this week about the ongoing Google Docs -- Microsoft Office tit-for-tat with the addition of Office 2010 capabilities to Facebook. Google shrugs it off and upgrades app for Outlook migration.

Kainos Evolve: Document Management for Hospitals, Built on Autonomy

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg Despite claims by Autonomy (news, site) and Irish-based Kainos that they are launching the next-generation electronic document management software for hospitals, there is little in the release of Evolve that is new -- except for the fact that it is a records management solution specifically targeted at patients.

Open Text and MS SharePoint Partner for GRC

Open Text (news, site) has been cuddling up with Microsoft (news, site) on the governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) front for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

All the action has been happening at the Microsoft Technology Centers, where both companies have presented enterprises with how to plan, build and test regulatory compliance solutions.

Autonomy Q1 Revenue Jumps 50%, Looking for New Takeover Targets

autonomy_logo_2009.jpg After record breaking revenues in 2009, Autonomy (news, site) has continued its charge by reporting first quarter revenues of US $194.2 million, up 50% on the same quarter last year with 19 sales contracts worth over US $1 million as opposed to 10 in the same quarter last year.

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